All I Want To Do In My life

In Internet there are quite a few blogger who are able to sometimes inspired me. One of those is GS, with his post “All I Want To Do“. While i was reading, i was wondering: which is the things i really want to do in my life? Well, after a little brainstorm with me and my mirror, i decided to write all the things i really want to do in my life.

Being a Full time blogger in my life

My journey in only in the beginning right now, but i really want to turn this lovely hobby in a full time activity. I love writing like few thing in my life, express myself in my way and to read other’s blog. I could do that all day long for the rest of my life. It’s very time consuming activity and it’s not so easy to make things happen. But if i don’t try, how can i know that what i’m doing is a number too big? I can’t. I would love to wake up in the morning and knowing that my blog is the way i make money and define myself. There would not be better feeling than that.

engaging conversation with other’s opinion

As a blogger i want to achieve two goal: write my thought and talk with other people through comments. This is the second reason why i opened a blog: i wanted to communicate with as much people as possible. The goal i have is to share with the entire world all the thought i have and i will have in my mind and engage a dialogue with much more people as possible. Maybe my thoughts are right, maybe i am wrong. Who knows? I have to stay in the same mental place. I want to change, improve, be better. And the only way one has to achieve that is with the talking. The more people talk with others, the better that person will become. I don’t care if i am right or wrong, for me it’s all about changing opinion and personally grow.

Discovering new things in my life

The second reason can actually bring me to the point where i will know things i had no idea they existed. This is the best part of life and connecting with people. I want to know as much as possible, hear different experience, different point of view and different lifestyle. I want to understand if my lifestyle is a good one, or maybe there’s something, i don’t know about, that might help me to improve the way i live. Maybe it may be an exercise, a food or maybe a different approach to life. I have no idea. But one thing is for sure: i want to know if there’s something out there. And i can do it only with other people. Reading doesn’t help me. Even if i find extremely fascinating the idea of a book, i think that talking with people gives you better results.

Define who i am

We are not totally free. I mean, lot of us are not actually completely free to define who they are for a huge amount of reasons, both personally and professionally. Luckily,i do what i love the most, even if i am not making money at the time. I am in a specific moment in my life where money are not so important, but defining myself is the only thing that matter. The goal now is to understand who i am, what i love and hate and who i want around me in my life. I started this process months ago and i fell right now that i starting to go somewhere. I don’t know exactly where, but i can’t wait to see.

Be happy

I know, right now i probably sound a little bit too obvious or stupid. But, to be honest, can we say to be happy? I don’t think so. Even the richest and most famous person in the world are often not happy at all. Being happy is probably the hardest thing to do in our life, looking at all the constriction and limitation we have. For some of us being happy is just stay home and decide what to do in the day, but for others can be a lot more than that. The problem is that money gets always in the way between us and our happiness. Because without money we can live. Al i want to do is being happy as much as i can, doing what i love the most, with the people i love the most.

If that means that i will poor forever, so it be. At the end of the day, once you are on the other side, money are useless. it’s better being happy and poor, that rich and sad!

And for you? What the thing you want to do the most?

See ya


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