Computers Control: Is Matrix Already Here?


Matrix…by far the most fascinating trilogy of all time, in my opinion. I loved it when i watched it and i still love to think about the idea behind the movie itself.
All the time, everytime i see the scene where Morpheus explain Neo what’s Matrix, i wonder: what if Matrix was already here? I mean, if you think about it, we are not so far away from it after all. The Computers have already conquered the world. Let me explain you.

Control through Machines and Computers.

In the Matrix trilogy, the problem was exaggerate, because hHollywood loves to make thing dramatic. However, the initial idea was legit: what if the machine and computers took control of us? That was actually the way the entire trilogy started. In one of the most famous scene in history of Movies, Morpheus explains Neo that humanity created the machine, then machine and humanity got to war and humanity lost it. Since that moment, machines controls the world. Don’t worry, if you think i have you spoiled the entire trilogy, you are wrong. This is only the beginning of a wonderful journey, trust me!

In the movie everything was way too big, way too green and way to complicated, but as i said “the movies were not so far away from reality after all”. I mean, there has not been a fight, but year after year we are giving up our ability to do things and we are giving those things to the machine and computers. In some companies, this combo have already taken control of the production. I have already talked about the artificial intelligence and how it’s affecting our lives. If you want to find the moment in time where we have decided that technology had to help more more efficiently, we need to go back in time where “La Lambada” was a hit!

Developing of Technology and computers.

Since the 90s we have seen a huge race to technology. The funny part is that often this race is in fron of our eyes, but we are not able to see it. Think about smartphone, TVs, Movies, medicine, computers. Since the decade where Backstreet Boys and Take That were on top, we have been living the new “gold rush”. This time instead of Gold or nuclear weapon we have the next technological object that will make our lives easier.

In the world we live in, the machine and computer will do what we don’t want to. Think about smart houses, smartphones or cars. Take the example of smartphone: we have started from an object that often was big, able to do only one thing and controlled by men (like the mobile phone), to the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy: small objects, able to do almost everything and not controlled by men. The develompent was big, but it lastes so long that we barely see it.

Let’s just think about other fields.

Google, for example, have created cars without the driver. It was able to run for itself. It’s a sperimental thing, but it’s there. Mercedes class S and Tesla have auto-pilot.
Houses become “smart”: you say something and it will do exactly what you ask it.
Metros. There will be in the future metros without driver. They will move in those galleries controlled by a computer.

Machines and computers do a lot for us. What if they started to say “No”?

What if Machines (and computers) rebeled against us?

I’m not saying that now we have to fight a war, the world has to be destroyed and human being will live in captivity as living batteries. I don’t want to get to that point. However, what if machines, one day, decided to stop working, for whatever reason? It would be a freaking disaster. Humanity will disappear in few months…or it will like like the Homo Sapiens 200 000 years ago. Don’t you believe me. Oh, let me tell you few little examples.


Do we use cars, trains and airplanes to move people and good all over the world. Do you know what makes sure that our transport system works properly? A computer. It tells us if we have a problem and protect us if something wrong happens with the engine. Every single engine is ruled by a computer and a software. Now thing that all the computer on all the vehicles decided not to work anymore. Covid lockdown would a nice ad friendly pic-nic. The world will literally stop. Economy will crash down and we will lose all our jobs. 1929 would be nothing compared of what would happen if all the vehicles on the planet stop working, because technology decided not to work!


Talking about software…between smartphones, computers, smart watches, household appliances and alarm system our daily life would be a nightmare. No alarm clock, no breakfast, no hot shower, no social media, no internet. It would be like making a jump back in the 50s of the 20th Century. Every single thing you can turn on and off is controlled by a software, so a computer. Something you will never be able to use anymore. You will be there, eating raw food, sitting on the chair watching the wall, because you can’t do literally anything.


You can’t literally use your house. Well, maybe you can call someone. How do you want to do that, if the phone are dead too? Do you want to be informed? News are something belongs to the past. “Wow! I recei the copy made of paper of your newspaper at home! you may say. Good for you! Just to check: do you know who newspapers are printed? “With a huge printer!” would be your answer. “Great!” i would answer back and i would question you again “Do you know what controlled the printer?” If you have no idea, i tell you: a computer…that doesn’t work, because it decided so. It’s also useless to turn on the TV or trying to go on Youtube, because none of the two will work.


Hospitals use medical equipment that have software in them…which means a computer. Now, it already bad to think about that when you are outside an hospital. Just think about if you are inside it? Would you be happy if the machine, that keeps you alive, will stop to function? I am quite sure that on the afterlife you would be pretty mad.


I just named the crucial part of the society. There are so many other aspect of our lives controlledd by technology that i didn’t mentioned. I wanted to make a point here: everything you use to make your life easier is somehow connected to a computer. You like it or not, this the world we live in. It’s a very easy world, because now machine are making our lives way much easier and simpler, but if machine will have a conscience, and if they start to demand something and if they strike, for humanity will be over. An endless chaos of people who will need to learn how to live without technology again.

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