Is Streaming Something Positive?

In this world streaming has become a huge thing. All of us has at least one account on this sites and we pay a monthly subscription to see the contents. Now we have the opportunity to stay home and watch movies all day long. The only thing you need is a good pyjamas, pop corn, Internet connection, an account and the entire afternoon free. The question is: is it a good thing or not?

The Good Side of Streaming

You can have everything you want

Streaming is awesome. Just starting with that. I have for real the opportunity to choose what to pay for. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Crunchyroll, Peacock i have the opportunity to choose. I can decide to pay all of them, i can pay only one or some of them. The amazing part is that you can customize your offer based on your needs. The only thing you have to do is to see what all the streaming services offer and decide where to invest you money.

Time is no more a problem

If you watch on TV something there are three big problems.


If i love a TV Show i have to remember on which channel the Show will be On Air and i have to schedule the day, based on that Show. There’s no way i can redord it or pause it. For example, if i would love to do something, but the Show will be On Air at the same time, i have to decide what to do. And that’s not good when i fell forced to choose between two things i would love to do.


Maybe the Show will be On Air daily, or maybe weekly or something in between. Doesn’t matter. Best case scenario, if you are lucky, you will see one episode every day. In the 90s i would say “OMG it’s awesome!” Now i would say “That sucks”, especially if the TV Show you are watching needs to be watched from the beginning to the end without any breaks, in those so-called “Marathons”, where i can watch all the seasons all together.


How many times you watch a Show and in the middle of a big moment, the commercial break starts and you have to wait until the end of it? There’s a place in hell for those, how put on air those breaks! It’s by far the most annoying thing EVER. I hate that all the suspance and the emotion i have in my body will be gone, because a supermarket has to try to convinve me the buy their food. For me it’s a huge waste of time! I want to see the episode all in once. More than that, all this break strecht the entire Show too long. Maybe the episode lasts only 45 minuted and in the end i have to stay in front of the TV twice longer because of the advertising. It’s not cool!

All is gone with Streaming.

The coolest part with streaming is that i am free and in peace. I can easily do all i have do in my life and then, when i have done everything, i can sit on my bed and enjoy the episode. It can be early in the morning, late in the afternoon, before, after dinner or during the meal. When i have time i watch it ENTIRELY WITHOUT ADVERTISING INBETWEEN. It’s even more awesome the fact that i can stop the watch and do something else, in case i have to stop. Or i can stop it and watch the rest of the episode the very next day. I am free

With streaming i can watch wherever i want

I am free to watch it whenever i want, but also wherever i want. If the Show was on television, i have only one place i have to be: in front of a TV. There’s no other place you have to be. Streaming, on the other side, is accessable with an internet connection. Which means that everything than can connect in internet, can be a way to watch your show. You have the choice between a computer, tablet or smartphone. Are you in the toilet, in your backyard, at a park and you want to watch something? No problem, take out your device, internet connection and enjoy the show. So simple is that!

I can schedule my priority.

Maybe i have only one Show or maybe more. If you have one, you watch it and enjoy. If you have more, you can decide to create you perfect schedule: on Monday i watch this, on Tuesday that, on Wednesday the other one, on Thursday i have a free spot for something new and on Friday and the Weekend relax…are you sure relax?

Sport in Streaming

NBA, DAZN, MotoGP and FormulaOne and Sky are the biggest player if you want to watch sport online. If you don’t like sports and you have a lot of free time, you can joyn those streaming site and see everything you want. So, technically you will never have a free spot between Shows and Sport Event. That’s kinda awesome. When i was kid i had to have a satellite to watch Football (soccer), now only a computer and a good internet connection.

The Bad Side

Too Much Streaming Sites

I don’t know you, but i have the feeling that now there are too much places where you can watch Movies. Don’t get me wrong, i love a huge offer, but it’s for me a little bit confusing. For some reason i starting to lose the direction, because one movie is there, another is on here, a Show in on third site. I mean, really? Which bring me to the following point.

Too much money to spend

If you are like me who loves motorsport, MotoGP and Formula One are two big target if you are looking for good sports. Which meand that i have to pay already two subscriptions. Then between Amzon Prime, Netflix, Disney + at the end of the month people have to pay a lot of money to see something. I know that on one side, those streaming services need people’s money, but on the customer’s side is just a pretty expencive thing.


In the end, is streaming something good or not? Well, on paper absolutely yes. The freedom to decide when and where to watch something is absolutely a “must” for me. On the other side i think that all the services should need to talk a little bit and decide what they are gonna offer, because sometimes, especially with DAZN and Sky, things can be a little bit confusing.

However, i will be always on internet side. Freedom is everything for me when i watch something!

And you: are you fans of streaming?

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