Online Dating: Pros and Cons!

Been there, done that! In the last years i have tried a lot of Online-Dating platform and apps (Lovoo, Badoo, Tinder) where you could find “the love of your life!”, although love was not exactly one of the reasons. I have to say that in five years, i had basically no matches and a i have wasted a huge amount of time. However, i know people who have had success with those platforms. In this post i would love to chat with you about the pro and contra of the Online Dating. Is it something worthy?

Online Dating: Connecting with the world


Technically it’s true. Potentially you have the opportunity to have the entire world available you can choose from. Which means that you can decide if you want to try to date whoever you want. Just let your body speak and hear what it will tell you. The number of person who might be connected with on this dating app can be literally the entire world.


It’s a huge lie. Not because people are not using apps, but because there a lot of them. Maybe you use a platform and your potential match is using another one. Which means you will never EVER see your match in Internet. That’s the big problem. More than that, not all the men and women around the world use this platforms, because they think it’s a desperate move. As i said, technically you could have the entire planet available, in truth you will have only a little tiny fraction of it.

Online Dating: The Reasons


People, who use online-dating-app or site, have often very different reason apart from finding the love of their lives. It’s good, because at least once you join a community, you can find different person with different goals. You can be there to find meet some new people, find new friends, maybe start some flirt or find finally the love of your life. Dating platforms give you different approaches to the site itself. it’s quite nice. Once you join the platform you chose, you don’t have to necessarily “fall in love”. You can just say “I’m here, let’s see what happen. And on your profile you can show the reason why you are around on the platform.


Pervert people are always there. Especially if you are a woman, there are men on this platforms that will be not so nice and will ask you all the possible things. The majority of the men are nice and they have good manners, but others are actually a little bit too rude and they will try everything to get what they want…and often what they want is just meaningless sex. Even if you are not looking for any kind or romantic or sexual experience, men will try to convince you to give them a change. Ofter people just don’t read other’s profile informations.

Online Dating: The Match


It’s an easy way to approach someone: you see the profile, you like it and you leave your feedback. If the other will like you back, you can start to chat and know the person you want to meet. It’s amazing. For sure way much easier than starting to talk with a random person on the street. It’s also amazing because the program will show you all the people you might like, based on your behave on the platform, your hobbies, thing you like and you don’t like. I used those platforms a lot and i tell you: it worked! I was actually able to see possible women i might interested in. The nicest part is that, once i have a match, i could actually start to talk about something we have in common. That would be impossible if i met that person at the bar.


That’s my personal opinion. It doesn’t matter how many likes i left, i had very, very, very few matches. I don’t know why! Maybe i am too ugly for women (most probable reason), maybe the platform didn’t pushed my profile enough or maybe my picture were not that great (other plausible reason). However i had a huge problem with those platforms. More than that i didn’t have any kind of answer when i texted something to a woman.

It was very annoying. I just wanted to know that women, but for some reason, they were not interested in me. I am not alone in this one. There are a lot of men who have the same problem: they send a message and they never receive an answer. It’s sad, if you think about it. Women are on the platforms to know new nice guys, but when those men send women a text, the ladies don’t answer, because men are almost always not good enough.

Online Dating: Money


I know, i missed the part of the pros, because it’s actually pretty bad for me to pay to meet some women. There’s no pros in paying to have an opportunity to date. I mean, it’s sounds like prostitution to me. I just want to meet new people, why do i have to pay? A site like this, with all the traffic it my have, can earn millions through advertising, why should i pay? I mean, seriously?I hate the idea to invest money to have a date or a one-night-stand. As i said, if i have to pay, i would whether call a pro or take the risk to go to the bars. The annoying part of that, is that in some sites women have all for free and men has to pay. I am not kidding. Why is there this kind of discrimination? I don’t like that at all!

Online Dating: Fake Accounts


NO PROS ABOUT THAT. I mean, chatting with someone fake? Super sad and super dangerous. I think that more to say about that would be useless.


Online-Dating App and pages are good if you are a woman. You will have all for free and a probably huge amount of people you can choose from. For them, it’s a valid alterative and a pretty easy way to have different dates with different people.

As a man myself, i find those site like a scam. You have to pay for everything and in the end you will talk with only one or two women, who will say in the end “Sorry, i’m not interested!”

In my situation, better be alone and invest my money for other women!

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  1. When it comes to discussions on singleness and dating, and even wanting to find a future partner, we need to begin from the beginning, and that beginning is God!

    Many marriages that are happening, although glamorous and beautiful, many of them would not last. You know why? because they did not seek God’s face before they got married, they do not know if that person they married is God’s will for them. God is purposeful in bringing people together, and they each have things that they could fulfill in each other’s lives. God knows how everything that begins will end, and that is why we need to always put our love lives in the hand of God. We need to pray to God to help us stay in purity, and to make us ready, while he brings our kingdom spouse to us, or while he leads us to them. We need to ask God to lead the way, because only God can lead us to the person that is truly right for us. Even then, God is the only person who can ever truly love us fully. A person can love you so much, but because they are human, they are prone to hurting us from time to time. God’s love is perfect, and even when we have a partner who loves us, we still need God’s love both individually and together as a couple in order to keep going.

    God is the King, and he is able to make things work in our favor.

    God says in Jeremiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

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    -All the best. May God bless you.

  2. You’re right: women don’t have to pay.
    With a bit of luck I didn’t find love, but two or three interesting friends with whom I’ve been exchanging views for many years now

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