Peace Inside Us: Can We Find It?

Let’s face it: this world is a freaking mess. No matter where you go or where you are, there are plenty of reason to be mad, upset or get angry. It can be a random stranger on the bus, a bad news you read on internet or someone in your inner circle. No matter what, it very hard to be in peace. But is it possible?

How does the world around us really is?

Just take a look of the world around us. No matter where you look at, there plenty of reason to insult everyone and everything. Let’s start with the alarm clock and the fact that you are late, then the household appliances that don’t work as they should be, the car that doesn’t start or the bus that doesn’t come on time.

Once you are at work, you thing it’s all fine, then your collegues, the phone, the E-Mail and your boss are there just to wait the perfect moment to put another nail in the coffin (lot of nails in that coffin). They will be 8 long hours, maybe more, and you can’t wait to go back home.

Then you are home and you hope to have some peace, but you won’t. Between going to supermarket, cooking food, paying the bill, some appointment, maybe problems with your family and friends. Then you finally eat and the TV is on and you watch things that make you mad.

And the you go to bed.

Problems with World and Inner Peace

How can you be in peace in this situation? It’s hard. You can read in internet A LOT of people or “expert” who will tell you the same things: take time for yourelf, meditation, do what you like. I get that, those are theoretically things one should do all day, but are we sure we can make it happen? Can we be happy in this world? Let’s see.

Meditation to find the inner peace

Uhm…this is for me a completely uncharted territory. I never tried meditation seriously and i don’t know if i am the kind of guy who needs to stay still for munites long, just to reach the inner peace. Never say never though. Anyway, it’s not about me right now. Do we really have all the necessary time to meditate? In my opinion, the more you make, the better the results. How can you have some results if you meditate only few minutes a week? Meditation is something you have to do all the time. Yes, maybe you can feel yourself a little bit more relieved, but inner peace is for you still a long journey!
You need time for meditation. Between Job, friendship, things you have to do, i don’t think you have time to do some proper meditation sessions.

Take time for yourself to reach the inner peace

Yes, just take time for yourself. What time? I mean, our lives are already pretty busy and time for us is basically zero. When do you want to find time for yourself? Just let me be a little bit clearer.
You wake up at 7 AM. You are at work and 9 AM, then you do your daily work and on 5 PM you leave your office. Then you have to buy something, come back home and cook. It’s already 9 PM. You are tired and the only thing you want is go to bed and sleep. From Monday to Friday. 52 Weeks every year. Can someone explain me where can we find time? We can’t work less, we can’t avoid to eat and we need time move our butt from and to the office. It would be awesome if i could take some time for myself. But the world doesn’t allow me that! Yes, i can quit my job. It would be awesome for a while, but then? How can i pay my bills, my food, my rent? We just can’t take some times for ourselves.
Technically we can use the week-end, but just one day in the week is not enough. In the long terms, we are screwed!

Choose the right people.

That’s amazing. There’s only one problem: The people we see the most are the collegues. They are basically stranger that casually are in the same place, doing something. They are unknown people you have to spend the most of the time with. If they were all nice, it would be fine. The problem is that they don’t care about you. They do their job, because they are just like you, and they want to go home, trying to find some peace, like you are trying to do. How can you find some inner peace, when the people around you are the reason why you are not happy at all. Yes, you can change a job, but you have 50-50 chances to find something better. There’s the risk to find something even worse. Are you ready to take the risk? I don’t think so.

Listen to your heart and soul.

This is an amazing phrase. I truly believe that we should listen what our soul tells us…if we had the money. Listen; how many times our soul said to quit everything and do something absurd? A lot of time! And even if we knew that it was the right choice, we didn’t hear it. The reason? Often the reason belongs to your hobby, and almost everytime this hobby will not insure you some food on the table. Maybe it will, but how long do you need to wait to get the results? Years…and it’s not said you will do it. Listening is great, if the voice will give us an alternative to make money really fast. I’m not attached to money, but without it, you will die starving on the street. Is that the future you want? Nobody wants that!


Inner peace is reachable. You can technically reach it! However the problem is that you can find it only if you have money. And if you need money, you have to work, a full-time activity that will destroy you mentally and phisically.
I am trying myself to find peace. But i have to quit my job and put everything on the line. I’m finally doing what i love the most, but i have no idea if i will make it.

This world is so messed up that being happy is almost impossible!

See ya


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