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Previously i talked about the Girls’ Generation. Between the nine members before 2013, there’s one, who fascinates and has created a HUGE controversy around her, although the controversy had no sense to exist. With this post i would love to celebrate the talented and multifaceted member: the wonderful Jessica Jung.

Before 2013

Jessica Jung debuted in the K-pop business in 2006 with the Girls Generation. Since that moment, she was one of the main member of the group. Thank also to her performances on stage and charisma outside it, Girls’ Generation became what she became. Stupid to say something different or refuse the truth.
However, what i don’t like too much of that period, is that between 2006 and 2013 there’s nothing incredible to remember from her. She performed and had interview with the other member and in her public appearances she always looked like a next door’s girl (how she has to appear, probably). There’s nothing she did that you say “oh, That’s typical Jessica Jung!” I had the feeling that she never showed herself. Then something happened.

The Chaos of September 1st, 2013

Jessica Jung: A Move Out Of Nowhere

Jessica left the group. If something like that would have happened in Europe or United States, nobody would have said nothing. I mean, it happened often: Geri Halliwell with the Spice Girls, Justin Timberlake with the Nsync, Robbie Williams with the Take That and Zayn Malik with the One Directions. We would have been sad but the world would have moved on. Not in K-pop.

For some reason, that we don’t need to know, she left the group. And the rumors behind that move were so high that even in Europe and United States people talked about it. It was the moment in time where K-pop was becoming what it is right now, so the number of people interested in K-pop was huge. More than that, Girls’ Generation in 2013 were still a hot name, so if something everything around the girls, it would have had a pretty big impact. This is exactly what happened.

Fans Reaction of Jessica Jung departure

Jessica’s move was out of the blue. One day she was happy, the next day she left. Since that day, people speculated a lot about that choice, trying to find a reason to help their world to be restored. For millions of fans, it was like witnessing the death of their closest friend. In K-pop, fans are pretty hardcore with the emotions. Let’s say they are next level. Just take a look of the BTS Army (so are called the BTS fans): you can’t say anything about BTS without risking a huge “shitstorm”, because fans see the loved group as a divine thing. And that happens around any group.

After Jessica Jung’s departure, there were angry, confused and disoriented people crying and screaming without any reason to be happy anymore. Until today, the world doesn’t have any idea why she left and when she decided to leave. And they talked too much. There were people speculationg around every single possible reason, thingking to know the truth. You can read everything: mutiny, internal fights, pression from every directions and so much more. Personally, i don’t care. Did she decide to leave? It’s her problem. Trying desperately to find a reason is useless. You will never know until she will say it!

Stress test fur the entire K-pop

One thing, for sure, was there to observe: that was probably the first and probably only controversial moment in K-pop. Until that moment, anybody left a group. If some members were much more in the spotlight, that member would be presented parallel as a solo artist. It happened with Tiffany Young, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Seohyun for Girls’Generation: they continued to be members of the group, but they had a parallel solo career. The only reason why someone left a group for good is death actually…and it happened already.

And the SM Town, the agency that controlled and still controls Girls’ Generation, didn’t manage the crisis moment perfectly, in my opinion. Since that moment, the agency tried to delete every single Jessica’s trace from history: no name, image or even memory related to the group anymore. People are even speculating that the members were forced not to speak about Jessica Jung anymore. If, a new K-pop fan, would start to follow the Girls’ Generation, that fan would have no idea that Jessica Jung was one of the members. Trust me! It’s scary to see how meticulous someone can be.

There was an event that made thing perfectly clear. In 2021 Girls’ Generation celebrated the 14th Anniversary. That celebration didn’t show any trace of Jessica Jung, although she was part of the group for 7 years. Jessica posted a celebration post with the hastag #14YearsWithJessicaJung and she didn’t mentioned the Girls’ Generation. That said a lot.

Jessica Jung’s life after September 1st 2013

Singing Career

She still sings luckly. After her “move of the year”, she worked together with the Coridel Entertainment. With it, she produced, among other things, two EP (“With Love, J”, “Wonderland”, “My decade”) and two music videos (“Wonderland” and “Fly“) and several songs. She never reached the success she had with Girls’ Generation, but it was nice to listen her cute, romantic, sweet and lovely voice in a song. Luckly for us, she continued to spread her art and use her natural talent to make our, and especially my ears happy. If she was more active in the singing career, would be appreciated!


She’s a youtuber. She opened a Youtube Channel called “Jessica Jung” where she posts basically Vlogs of her daily life or when something special deserves to be recorded. It’s a channel basically for women, not for men, but it’s great to see her behind the scene. What you see in those video is a cute and kind woman, despite what people have been saying about her for years….that she’s an ice princess, just because she “looked” in public is a little bit cold, when in truth that “coldness” might be discomfort and shyness.


She own a Instagram profile of millions of followers. With that number is pretty automatic to become an influencer. I would do that! She posts regularly and she does thing a normal influencer does. Actually i don’t care too much what she posts, i follow her because she’s hot. I want to be honest.


She wrote a novel. This is probably the biggest moment in her career since 2013. Her novel called “Shine” and it talks about a young girls who wants to become a K-pop superstar. For some reader, it looked like a autobiography, where she exposed what she had to get through in her time with the Girls’ Generation. Jessica never confirmed or denied this rumour. I didn’t read the book, so i can’t tell you anything about it. If you are curious to know more about the K-pop universe and to see if there is some kind of personal truth, this is a book to read.


Jessica Jung founded also a fashion brand called “Blanc & Eclare“. What is it?

Blanc Group Ltd., trading as Blanc & Eclare, is a fashion brand producing eyewear, denim, clothing, skincare, and accessories.

Blanc & Eclare – Wikipedia

It’s a brand for women where clothes are sold. Listen, i am a the last person in this world who can talk about fashion. If you are a woman and you are might be curious to know what Blanc and Eclare sells, please watch for yourself. I would have no idea where to start to tell you what’s all about. What fascinates me is the size of that brand.

The Brand sells its product online and in sixty stores in different countries such as Seoul, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Vancouver. Sixty shop all around the world. Do you have any idea how much money you can make with 60 shops, an instagram account of 10 millions followers and good taste for fashion? In 2019, 18 millions dollar. That’s not bad! And there’s still plenty of time and margin to improve. We’ll see what will happen in the future.


I like women like her. She ‘s talented, curious and with big guts. I mean, to leave a legendary group, and all that money, to found your own business, with all the uncertainty around it, it’s a very bold move. But she was able to do it! She proved she was way much better that a cute-looking woman and she wanted to show it to the entire world. I appreciate women who wants to leave a mark in this world. They are so sexy…but that’s my personal opinion.

You know what? Do you want the reason why she left Girls’ Generation? I think that watching closely what she did and how she lives after 2013 can give you the answer you need.

See ya


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