Teleportation: Distances are meaningless!

I love superpower. More than that, they are one of the biggest and easiest way to have a huge success on cinema. Just think about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or the DC Cominc. If you want to make sure that people go to watch a movie, showing some superhero is always a good choice. Today i would love to talk about one the most amazing superpower: Teleportation, the destroyer of distances.

No Place is impossible to reach

As a normal human being, yo have to walk, use a car, a bus a flight to go somewhere. Even if almost all the places are possible to reach, there are other impossible or very hard to visit. I think, for example, the top of the Everest, the roof of skyscrapers, the middle of the Amazon raining forest or the magnetic pole. If you have other almost unreachable places, fell free to add them on the list. Once you have the opportunity to use this superpower and teleport yourself anywhere, any place is no longer impossible to reach. The only thing you have to do is open Google Maps, take a look of a nice place, where humanity is not allowed to go, and see what hides there. So simple!

You would have no problem with traffic or travel.

Distances are no longer a problem. You live in Europe and you want to see Buenos Aires. It’s legit. If you have the money and the time, please do it! However, flights are really long and you need one day to go there and another one to come back. What if you had teleportation?
You have two weeks vacation? Perfect! With that superpower you can instantly move from your home, to Buenos Aires and visit the city. You can go back and forth every single day. You can wake up, have breakfast and teleport yourself on the other side of the world. Once the evening comes, you can easily come back home for dinner. Have you any idea how much money you can spare between flight, hotels and meals? And, the most amazing part, you have visited a city way far away from you.
Technically any city in the world would be accessible. Do you want to spend you New Yeas Eve On Sidney, Dubai, London, New York and Los Angeles? What’s the problem? Be careful of the time zones and enjoy five different New Year’s celebrations in five different cities, four different continent in only one day. A weekend in New York on Christmas time? Why not? A day in Venice and then watching live the NBA Finals in the USA? Of, course!

With this superpower, you will never lose a live event anymore and you life would be the best any person in the world could possibly imagine.

long distance relationship would be possible

Have you met someone in holiday? You started a wonderful summer love story, but you don’t want to lose this feeling, even if you two live very distant? What’s the problem? With teleportation, distance were a meaningless word for you. A long distance relationship would be absolutely possible and it would look like a normal relationship…with the only different that instead having a date in your city, you will have the same date in another country or continent. Your love story would be there, the one you are in love with will be there and you both will be happy. One says that love doesn’t know distances…in this case would absolutely true.

No limit for the jobs and education!

If your dream is to work in another country, in a specific company or you want to attend a far away University, it’s for you possible. The only thing is to send your curriculum and hope for the best. If you are lucky you might have the opportunity to live somewhere outside the United States and attend Cambridge or to work For Google, Microsoft or General Motors. That’s insane! The range to choose is not only your city, but the entire planet. Can you imagine how many opportunities you may have without thinking about distances?

The New Arseinio Lupin.

This one is something you should not try under any kind of circumstances. Because being a thief is not a wise lifestyle…unless you are Arsenio Lupin or Parker. The problem of being a thief is not the fact that you steal from someone, but it’s the fact that you have to run away from the place you just cleaned up perfectly. Often it happens that the thief is captured, because he left trace until the place where the loot at. With teleportation this problem would be something belongs to the past! You can leave the place in one second, leaving the police behind yo, with no idea where you are, bringing all the money in a country where the police can’t catch you. I mean, if this power existed for real, police all over the world would be in trouble, big trouble.


Teleportation would be one of those power i would love to have. I mean, all of a sudden distances and accessibility will never be a problem, opening in front of your eyes a countless opportunity to travel and live the life you always wanted!

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