Dream Big, Because Sky’s The Limit!

In this world rich and famous people tell every single time the have an opportunity “think big, dream big and live big!” Often those people are actors, an entrepreneur or a sport superstar. Unfortunately, we don’t often listen to this people, because we think “it’s easy for them to talk like this! They don’t have the problem i have!” Are you sure about that? Do you really think that they have no right to say anything?

The beginning for everything: a dream!

Now all the people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Mask talk to us about the fact that we have to be brave, take some risk, follow our instinct, develop our own idea, follow our dream and invest in ourselves. And all the time we feel hurt, annoyed and angry about it. Why? I don’t really understand.

Just take a look of how those people have started. I don’t know about Elon Mask, but i am pretty sure how Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos started. Bill Gates started with a couple of computer in his garage, while Bezos started Amazon as a pretty little tiny place to sell books. Now the first created Microsoft, the biggest company in technology, and the second created the biggest Online Shop in the world.

Their Experience

All the rich people in the world, apart from the lottery winner, proved something crucial: they have started from nothing and now they have reached something. What we see now is the top of the iceberg. What we will never see is all the blood, sweat and tears they have put in their ideas. Now for them is all good: money, villas, fast cars, nice women, fancy clothes and freedom. But how does yesterday look like? It was hard, painful, lot of sacrifice, doubts and low moments. There were also nice and amazing moments, but those moments came only later. In the beginning it was like walking on a foggy night.

When someone famous talks and says something about “work hard and you will reach your dream” they know what they are talking about. They look back in their lives and they know how hard they had to work to make thing possible. More than that, they know that it’s possible for everyone to do everything. They were mr. Nobody and now are very powerful and influential people. They were just like you.

What about us and our dream?

In my opinion, we have to follow their advices. There are two main reasons why.

We have nothing to lose

We are all poor and often trapped in a life we don’t want. Everyone of us always thought to quit and follow our instinct, but for many reason we just don’t do that. In the end we stay in the same place, living the same lives. And we get mad when someone rich and powerful tells us to take some risks. They are right! If you don’t make your dreams come true it’s your fault. No one force you to stay in the same place for your entire life, to have a family, knowing that this kind of life would have killed you your opportunities, or to stay in the same city.

You have chosen to screw your life all alone. The only person you have “to blame” for you life situation is yourself. Maybe you had the opportunities to do something different, but you didn’t use them, because too risky. And now you are here, being mad because someone, who took the risks, advice you what you should do. They can and you should hear them: has won and you have lost.

You have nothing in your hand. Only a sad trap. You can do way much better than that.

Sky’s the limit.

If you decided finally to take the risk and do something with your life, just promise me something: dream as big as possible. Don’t even think to set some limits and say “i want to reach only this goal”.

It’s a stupid move

It’s stupid because you are already starting your idea with a limit. Why do you have put you mind in a position where it is not allowed to think more than that? Why stopping yourself when things go too good! I’m not saying that you have to take all the time too big risks, but if you can make the next step in a relatively safe way, why don’t do that? Maybe, step by step, you can reach so high level of success that you could even imagine…level you would have never reached if you put some stupid limits.

It’s impossible to predict the future

Second you can predict your future. The only wise thing you do is doing thing step by step, but not setting any kind of goal to achieve. I know, that there are people who can tell you something different. But, to be honest: how can you know to reach those goals? You can work as much as you can, you have any certainty to reach what you wanted to achieve. Or maybe, even better, it will be impossible to achieve that. Maybe you are close to your goal, but the step you make is bigger that expected and you will reach an ever bigger goal. Technically you have never reached what you wanted.

We should take those people as an example, instead of insulting them. They have started with no money and nothing but an idea and now they have something incredible. You have no money, an idea. When do you want to reach something incredible?

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