Online Shopping: EVERYTHING Will Change!


Online Shopping has changed the way we live in a way that it was unthinkable only in the 90s. Amazon, Zalando, Ebay are the main reason of this changing. Now we have the opportunity to buy whatever we want, without even leaving our houses. What we need is just a computer, a Internet connection, PayPal or a Credit Card and a comfortable place where we can sit. Then, let the magic starts. For us is great, but do you have any idea how this will change the entire society? Let me explain you!

Long time ago i was watching a video on youtube. It was about a City planner, who explained how the cities will change in the future. Here i would love to talk about all the thing he said and see if it will be something positive or negative.

Online Shopping and City Centres

Now in all the city centres in the world there are two things: offices and shops. There are actually in lot of big cities entire blocks to have some shopping, where residents and tourists can empty their wallets, buying everything they possibly can. The trend is that every single years, more people are changing the way they have shopping. Instead of dressing up and go out they rather stay home instead. This will change how the city centres will look like.

Less Shops.

If there are fewer and fewer customer on the shops, for the company there will be less and less interest to keep expensive shops open. I mean, if i have to spend 100 for a shop and with the shop i earn only 1, why should i still waste 99? Especially if, in the meantime, this 99 is made through the online shop, where people buy more and more. I see it already in the place i live. More and more shop close. It’s not because they are not making money anymore, but because the people decided to buy their products online.

Personally, i prefer to buy things online that leaving m house to buy it. Especially in winter and in summer, when the weather is extremely cold and extremely hot. The big problem of shops right now is that they don’t see ALL THE assortment, but only few article. And that’s not good for me! Why? Because in the online-shop i can find everything.

More recreational activity and restaurants.

With no shops in the city centres, there will be a lot of empty commercial locals. Those locals will not be used by other shops, because there would be no request, but by restaurants, pubs, clubs, theaters, bars or something else. City Centres will be a place you go only if you want to spend some time, in the fresh air. Shopping will not be a reason anymore, because shopping would be made online. You will be in the city centres, because you want to see a movie, a theatrical representation, you want eat or drink something or meeting with some friends.

Online Shopping: New Jobs comes, old will leave us

With no shops in the city, we will need shop assistant anymore. Why do you need some helps with the shopping, where there’s no more opportunity to have shopping in the city? All the job around a shop itself will be forgotten, because company will need that kind of people anymore. However, there will be for people other opportunity to work. For example, in the logistic, transport or in the sales. With much more digital order, company will need more people to prepare. They will need people to prepare the documents, to prepare the packages and to transport the orders to the buyers. As an online buyers myself, i don’t need someone who advice what to buy. I need someone who delivers the good to me.

Other jobs will be in the digital part of the business. Programmers, digital designers and marketing strategist will be highly requested. It’s important for me as buyer, that the online shops works always perfectly and i can find offers or products in sales as fast as i can. The more the online shops will be easy-to-use and full of sales products, the better my experience and the sales volume will be.

Online shopping: Will be good for the environment?

That’s the critical question. Right now, people moved to the city centre with the public transports. Which means that with only metros and buses, cities were able to move lot of people all in once. However, we have air pollution. Now that people stay home for shopping, you will have not so much traffic around the city, which is good for the air quality, but for sure you will have a huge amount of trucks who have to move the goods. More than that, company itself will have bigger warehouses and offices, which means more electricity and heating. Online shopping is good for us, maybe not so good for the environment, especially due to the trucks who still use gas to work.


We are living a revolution right now. For us is just an evolution that Internet and technology give us, but in truth cities will change forever. The trend is that more and more people buy things on Internet. If the trend will keep going as it is going right now, we will live for real a city where the centres will be a recreational places and no more a place to have some good old fashion shopping.
If, more than that, we can find a way to more our good without burning any fuel, it would be a perfect world…at least when we talk about shopping.

What do you think? It is a good or a bad thing?

See ya


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