Being Naked: The Best Way For Success?

I’m a blogger. So, for me, showing what’s inside my brain is the key for the success. The better my mind, the bigger the success. if you are an influencer, a streamer, or a youtube the look becomes a key factor in your activity, although you have still offer something…even if it’s a very low quality content.
Brain or being naked: what’s best way to reach your goals? Now it’s time for the body, in the next post it’s all about brain!

If you want to make it through, or if you want to shine in this world, social media are the best opportunity. That’s what people say. The big problem is that you will get into a platform where everything was already posted. You have no chance to create something new or original…unless being yourself.

Being yourself has a way to introduce yourself!

You decide to show who you really are. That’s a wonderful idea and everyone should do that. But almost nobody does that. Why? Because are too afraid to take off their masks? Maybe…maybe not. The question is: what do you want to achieve? If you don’t care at all about a community or becoming someone, you can show every single shade of yourself. But, if you are looking for a potential huge and stable income, showing yourself is not a big move.

You can be out of contest or Out of time

You are on Instagram, for example. Hundreds of millions of people using the app daily. It’s a huge number. Instagram is a place where picture are in focus. Not videos, not podcast. Only pictures. You ca be as genuine as you want, but if the rest of the world think you are ugly, you will never be noticed…or you might be actually notices, but for the wrong reasons. It’s not cool when people follow you because they have fun with your “probable ugliness” (even if you are very cute). You can be the most sweetest, genuine, nicest and kindest person in the entire planet, but if people think you are ugly whether they don’t follow you, or you become the next “monster” to mentally destroy.

Or you choose another platform, like Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. There you can’t “hide” yourself under pictures, because text are more in focus. Finally you can show who you truly are. Are you sure about that? Maybe you join a platform that is never used so much often anymore (like Facebook), or the topic people talk about are far away from those you would love to talk about. If you are not looking for an appreciation, you can write whatever you want. Otherwise, you will have a problem.

Being naked as a way to introduce yourself

If you are looking for a community, that might allow you to make money, you have to offer what people want. In this moment, trend topic are often a good way to start, even if there are things you should take care of. Or, even easier, show your body and you never go wrong. It’s sad, i know, but what can i say? In this world sexuality and erotic pays more than anything else in this world. From now on, i have to split my thoughts, between men and women.

Male Naked Body

Go to the gym. No other things to do. You don’t need necessarily to get big, but you need to make sure that all your muscles are visible from the outside. A great-looking body is a very easy way to be notices. Oh, and get naked. Naked body are very loved in Internet. But choose wisely where to do it.
On Instagram and Facebook, you can upload only shirtless picture. And even there, you might have some trouble. Be sure to keep your pants on and don’t look too sexy, because you are not doing some “adult entertainment”, but you only want to make some followers. Your butt and your “love’s hammer” must stay inside your clothes. If you will have a nice body, women will start to follow and appreciate you. I’m not kidding, women can be worse than men in this specific contest.
Twitter is a completely different situation. There you can post naked picture…even explicit content if you want. Trust me, you can. Over there, the opportunity to shine with the right hashtag are pretty big.
Or you can use specific internet pages (PH is the biggest one), where nude contents are the only content you will find. No matter if there are picture, videos or even podcast, you will see only nude body from the beginning to the end. And there it’s perfect for you to start.

One thing you have to keep in mind. As soon as you get some fat in your body, or you have maybe too much body hair, there’s the risk that you might lose everything. A man has to be perfectly in shape and completely waxed. Hairy body are accepted only if you are in the position to manage your hairs.

Female Naked Body.

You, my dear lady, don’t need to go to the gym. The only thing you have to do is get naked (completely) and pose on very “artistic and sexy way”. With this tactics, Instagram will recognise that you are doing art and everything will be fine. Be careful not to show your “hidden graces”, because they are not allowed on Instagram and Facebook. If, for whatever reason, your post will be deleted, you can start complaining about the “Instagram Censorship”. That’s also a great way to make follower.
You can do it on Twitter for sure. If you really want to know how far people can go with nudity, just check for yourself. Trust me, there’s pretty good stuff there!
Or, you can fo on specific internet sites, (like PH, for example), where female naked body are the most loved thing…actually the only thing available. There you can make a lot of views. The more in shape you are and the more big your “female body parts” are, the better is for your number. Then, once you get a decent number, OnlyFans is waiting for you!

If you do that, you have no idea how much followers you will have. There are women who have reached one million in less than a year. A nude woman is the most wanted thing in the entire internet. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how tall, old or “oversize” you are. There will be always men who will find sexy, attractive and they will follow you. More that that, women will follow you, because they will see you as a “woman who doesn’t have any fear to show her truly self!” It’s like a dream comes true

Being Naked can be problematic

With a body you can reach your goal pretty fast. The more body you show, and the more perfect it looks, the bigger are the opportunity to shine and be someone. But how long can your success last? That’s the key of the entire story. The answer is pretty simple: al long as your body last. The longer you can keep your body in shape, the better it is for you. However, the older you get, the harder it is to keep the pace. And if you get in the position where you can be in shape anymore, the dream is over. Being naked is a wonderful opportunity to climb the ladder very fast, but then it’s better to make things a little bit more stable. How? Well, using your brain…and i will tell you everything you know it this post!

So, my friend: are you ready to get naked and have some fun?

See ya


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