The Brain: The Best Way For Success?


I already told you that with your body you can achieve the success you want pretty quick and in a pretty easy way. However, there a big problem with the body: once it becomes no more attractive, your success will be gone forever. What about the brain? Is it a way to have success?

Brain as the key to open doors

Brain is awesome. There’s nothing better than a person who use the brain to be yourself. Yes, technically the brain can also be the key to the success you want. With it, you can do everything. Literally everything. This is insane to realise how many thing your brain allows you to do. With all the knowledge you can collect, you can decided to talk about everything and offer whatever you feel like. There’s no limit to your creativity and the possible way you can go. The more curious you are and the more you expand you knowledge, the bigger the success will be. However, it’s a huge task what you have in front of you!

Success with the Brain is a long process.

Using your brain means that you have an idea. You have thought about it, you tried to understand if it’s worthy to be shared with the world and you decided that you want to give it an opportunity. Maybe it will be nothing, maybe it will become the biggest thing ever! You never know. Only one little question: do you have any idea how much effort you need to put in that phase of the process?

That’s the part that will make people choose for the body. Between thinking, searching and reading you can “waste” weeks and weeks of you time just to figure out if your idea might be a good one. That’s a huge time consuming phase, where you are maybe overusing your brain. Something that would have not happened if you had used your body instead. Why do you have to spend so much days and energy to thing if you can, when with your naked butt in the right place everything will be fine? And the best is yet to come!

Using your brain means Fears, doubts and hard work

Just keep on the focus on your brain. Once you decided that you idea is a good one, it’s time to share it on social media. That’s another problem right here. Writing means time and mental effort. You don’t want to be like the others! You want to be something special, the next big thing! To achieve that, you will do everything to get the job done. You start to read a lot, you attend courses to improve your ability to write and you thing of a good marketing strategy to make your content appreciated by the other people.

Even if you are doing all right, and people starts to follow you, your brain will not stop. It continues to tell you new ideas to develop, new topic to talk about, maybe it tells you even to look back what you have just written, because there’s plenty to improve. It’s a non-stop fight between the things your brain wants you to do and the things you want to do. It’s a war of opinions. But your brain always wins. And then, here you are, writing new stuff down or improving what you have just wrote.

More than that, every time you will post something you will ask: “is it the right post?”, “have i written it in the right way?” or “what will people think about it?” The more you use your brain, the more of this thoughts you will have in your mind. It’s something we are all familiar with. We put a lot i the post we write, but we have the feeling that something is missing or your post is not perfectly writte.

Money are never enough

If you have an idea and you want to develop in the right way, maybe you need a help. And this help can be everything; it can be a person, or more people, a course to attend, book you have to read or equipment you have to buy to do make sure that everything will work. You need money for all of this and you can try to spare something here and there. The point will be the same: money will belong to your idea. It doesn’t matter how big the idea is, the wallet must be open. Something you would have done if you had got naked!

but What kind of success can you reach?

Well, if you are good enough, if you are lucky, and if your idea is a right one (three huge ifs), the success you can reach will be for the eternity. That’s the amazing part of using the brain.

People take you seriously

If you are a smart person, people will recognise it. Which means that people will want to read or hear what you have to say. That’s crucial, because the more people will love your brain, the higher you can go. Think about Greta Thunberg: she’s a smart woman and she was able to talk to the United Nation, in front representative from all over the world. If she had posted only nude picture, without showing any brain, do you think that she would have had this opportunity? I don’t think so. With nudity you can reach money, even a lot of money, but with the brain you can reach also the power…and power is the only thing that matter in this world.

A success for the eternity

Writer, singer, actors and actresses are the perfect example. Maybe they can look amazing, and maybe they have posed without any clothes on. However, if you think of Tom Ellis or Toni Curtis, for example, you don’t remember them for their wonderful bodies, but because they were great in all their works. Yes, maybe they have showed some skin, i get that, but it wasn’t the reason of their success and eternal recognition. What you can watch on screen is the reason why they are famous and they will be famous!

That’s the amazing part with the brain. The more you are in the position to use your brain and the more you are able to communicate, the higher are the chances to have a success that will live longer that you. Think about Michael Jackson or “The Queen”. Mr Jackson is still the king of Pop and his family is still earning million of dollars through royalties and in 2018 “Bohemian Rhapsody” came alive, celebrating a group now disappeared and a singer dead long time ago.


The success you can achieve with the brain is one that with only your body is impossible to achieve: something timeless that will last for generations. If i have to choose between the body and my brain i will choose my brain. I will not look good physically, but my success will last way much longer.

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