Tiffany Young: The Queen Of Two Worlds!

Tiffany Young is one of very few artists I would love to meet. No, the fact that she looks like an angel doesn’t have nothing to do. I would meet her for other reasons. I really like her and, for some unknown, reason, I am happy everytime I see her. Are you saying that I am somehow in love with her? Well, maybe! But would be too.

tiffany young’s and Girls’ Generation

Everything started in 2006 with the Girls Generation, the legendary group from South Korea. From that moment onwards, she became a huge superstar in the K-pop. Being part of a huge group like this was a bless, but also a curse. She achieved a lot, create a passionate fanbase and earned a lot of money, but like every group members, all her “achievements” were group achievements. Nothing she can say “I did it because of me!”. It’s true that her career started in 2006, but her SOLO career, the one where she could truly express herself for real, started only in 2018. More about her first career is actually hard to say, because she sang with other tremendous women.

However, despite all the problems performing with other people, she was one of the reason why i fell in love with the “National group of Korea!” My mind, and other body parts, knew exactly they were nine talented, cute and beautiful young ladies, but in my eyes there was one member who shined brither than the other. Tiffany Young always fascinated me.

The reason why i am in love with her apart from her talent as a singer: her smile. I don’t know what about her smile! When we smile, we smile with her mouth. When she smile, her entire face smile. When she smiles, her face turns into the cutest and sweetest thing ever. Even my heart made of stone melts like snow under the sun!

And i am not the only one who thought like that. She was so great with the Girls’ Generation that in 2016 something changed.

A Taste of Professional freedom

From a decade (2006 and 2016) Tiffany Young in my mind looked like a lion in a cage: she can lead the world, but she was trapped in her career with the group and the agency. Then, in 2016, something amazing happened. SM Town (The agency that managed her) shared the news that Tiffany Young would have started a solo career. And the way was the EP “I just Wanna Dance”. That was a surprise for me. Knowing her, i expected something different, something powerful and energetic. Instead what i have is a sweet, romantic and pretty sexy EP, where she use her gift (her voice) to spread love and good vibed with very slow and romantic songs. I was pleasent surpried by that!

However, the EP was not the best part. The best part was the fact that for the first time we were alble to hear Tiffany Young singing alone. Between all the Girls’ Generation, she was the one with the most powerful and happy voice. I don’t know, but hearing her singing is a joy for ears, mind, sould and heart. And she prooved that she could actually live for herself with that voice in the K-pop Universe. It would have been a little bit hard outside, but she could do that!

And that’s pretty it. She released another song in 2016 “Heartbreak Hotel” and then silence. Her solo career seemd to be already over.

Tiffany Young’s end of the line

And it was actually pretty over. In the next 2 years (2016-2018) she did nothing as a solo performers, but only songs together with the Girls’ Generation. Song after song, album after album, the group create success after success, but from Tiffany Young as a solo artist, nothing new. I was sad. Once i tasted that dish, i wanted more. And that more was closer than i thought. In 2018 She decided not to resign with the agency. So, since that moment, she was a free agent technically. For her started a new career and for me was maybe the very first time where i thought “Ok, my dear wallet, prepare to feel more empty than usual!”

United States and acting school

Tiffany Young, decided to move to Los Angeles in 2018. I was happy, because in the United States she could do great thing. She was born in the US and she speaks english as an american. So, singing in english would have not been a problem. I already imagined duet with Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and maybe Beyonce. I was starting to be wet in place i didn’t know i could get wet. But life sucks and i was sad again. Miss Young decided to learn to become and actress. I mean, seriously? I was patiently waiting for 2 years for her to start a solo career and she decided to become an actress? It was a pretty annoying! But it’s her life and she can do whatever she wants.

Tiffany Young’s second solo career

I was wrong, like almost every time in my life. This time i was happy to be wrong. In 2018 she released her very first song in english “Over my Skin”. That was surprising. The song itself is far, far, far away from the kind of song i used to it. I wasn’t prepared for that. The voice, however, was exactly how i expected: powerful, sexy, warm and extremely charateristic. I mean, i can recognised her voice even without being able to hear.

I had mixed feelings about it: once side i was happy to finally listen to her as a solo artist, but on the other side i was upset that the direction she chose was a completely oppostite from the one i used to listen to. Her music for me was hard to understand and hard to listen to. I appreciate the opportunity the world gave Tiffany Young to express herself, but i could not follow her in that path.

Her “american side of the career” was great, but not exactly as good as i expected. The highest point of her american career was the “Magnetic Tour” where she sang across the america. It was nice to see her performing life. After the tour she was not able to do. I wanted a world tour, but she wasn’t able to make it. With her live performances she would be able to resurrect people. Think about a world tour! We would have dead people coming back alive, only listening her voice!

Her acting career.

She performed in teather. Not in the United States, but in South Korea. She was one of the character in the musical “Chicago”. I haven’t seen it, for obvious reason, but i would have loved to. More than that, nothing important to report…sadly! With her beauty, her smile and her ability, i would have loved to see her in Hollywood…but it was not possible.


What he have had from Tiffany Young was a gift: a woman who used her powerful and warm voice to make us happy. What in the future she will give us is not sure, but whatever will be, it will be awesome!

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