Record: Is It Good Breaking Them?

This is something that i see often. As soon as someone breaks some record, whatever that record is, people start to celebrate it. my question about it is the following: are record somehow important?

Meaning of the Record

Technically records are just numbers. Nothing more than that! More specifically, those numbers are limits that humanity has put out there. I am pretty sure that the poor human being, who accidentaly set that record, didn’t want to put any kind of pressure on anybody. The only thing he or she wanted to do was just taking care of what she was doing. Unfortunaltey he or she was so good that at some point a record was set.

For him or her it was just a number, but other people started to put some the presssure around that record, saying “it’s unbeatable!”, “nobody will reach that!”, “It’s impossible even to thonk to get that record!”. They add actually some kind of prestigious around it. For them, the next who will break that record will be the “new big thing”! Since that moment, there will be some kind of “war”, created by random ladies and gentlemen, to encourage people to brake it.

Am i the only one who has this feeling?

Record as a target to achieve?

Once the war is on, people will do everything they can to break that record. I have only one question: is it worthy? Will this run bring us somewhere?

Is it necessary to focus on a record? Well, in my opinion yes and absolutely no. It’s like trend topic…actually it’s exactly like trend topic.

Reason why you should watch the records!

You should look at those records. If i can give you and advice, i really recommend you to take a look of the biggest people in the business. No matter if you are on Instagram, Youtube or you are a blogger, there will be the top three, five or ten. Look them and the number they have (followers, average number of like, comment and sharing). Those numbers will tell you how big your idea can become if you work hard and you are lucky. Then close all this profile and start to work. It’s like trend topic: you take a look of them, just to know what the world is talking about.

Reason why you should not watch the records!

Records can make you sick. It’s your idea and your journey. There’s no way you can do exactly the same other did. People say “don’t compare yoursefl with those around you!”. They are right, for three reasons.


You started now with your idea. It’s a specific moment in time, where people behave in a specific way. So, you have a certain reaction from the people around you. You can’t compare your situation with the other’s. Especially if the one you are comparing yourself with happened ten years ago. Ten years ago, when maybe the biggest sharks have started, the world, people and internet was different. Ten years ago with 100.000 followers you were a freaking huge rockstar, now you are just one of millions of others like you. That’s why it’s crucial to se the numbers, but them give them a contest. Numbers, without knowing the reason behind the scene, are just meaningless things.


You are who you are. You can like it or not, that’s what you got. For the others is the same thing: they are who they are and they have to deal with it. So, every single one of you does what’s best for itself. There are those who will be more aggressive, other more relaxed; there are those who are full of humor, other who take care much more on facts. It’s different. And maybe we arrive at the same point, even if the path is completely different. Someone will get there sooner, other later, but it’s crucial to get there. If, during your journey, you had started to be like someone else, would you have achieved the same? I don’t think so.


You start you idea and you watch the bigger white sharks, the one with the biggest numbers. You are zero, he or she is one million. Then, a month passed. You have at 100, he or she’s one and a half million. Technically your gap is become even bigger than it was in the beginning. And the following months the gap will be even bigger. One thing is for sure: you will never reach the big white shark in months. Maybe you can think of it in years. That’s the problem: do you have any idea how much work you need to put in your idea to make sure to be like Sir Daniel Fortesque? (Yes, that’s Medievil…one of the best game EVER!) Technically you could reach the biggest shark in months, but you have to become viral, which happens too rarely!

Number constantly change. The growth rate the biggest ones will have it’s impossible for you to have in the beginning. Probably in the moment you reach them, they will be either forgotten former celebrity or they have given up in the meantime, making the entire competition for numbers absolutely useless.


Just don’t follow the record. Be happy if you brake one, but don’t put it in your mind like something you have to do. Maybe those record as actually so big that will be impossible to beat. Think about Felix Baumgartner: He jump from the stratosphere (38,969.3 metres). Can you think to break that record? No, you can’t! The same happens for every other field in this world.

Your goal should be this: start the thing you have in mind, work hard and see what happend. Don’t care at all about posssible records. When someone will tell you to have broken one, be happy, and keep working!

See ya


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