What if…God and the Devil really existed?

I don’t know today i feel pretty mystic and religious. Maybe it’s because of the weather or maybe God takes control of my body and i don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. Right now, I would love to talk with you about something that blows my mind every time i think about it: what if the afterlife really existed?

God and lucifer: The revelation we are waiting for.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you thing right now, we all want to live forever. More specifically, we have a freaking huge fear of death. I personally have. Not because i have fear to end my days on Earth. That’s life. I have fear of not knowing. Once i dead, i would want to know if there’s something waiting for me. I don’t care if it’s heaven or hell, i just want to know if there’s a place, after this life, where i can live for the entire eternity. It’s for me terrifying to know that once i take my last breath my existence is over.

Things would be different if, for some unknown reason, God and the Devil will show up personally and they would confirm that the afterlife will be there waiting for us: Heaven for the good soul, hell for the bad souls. How the would will change?

Our entire existence has to be rethink thanks to God.

Right now, people are pretty pragmatic. They don’t believe in religion, angels, God and what inside the Bible. Those people say that it’s a waste of time believing in something that doesn’t exist. They may be right, because actually there’s no proof that afterlife exists. However, If God will be on Earth, maybe we should change the way we thing and what we believe in. If, until yesterday, you didn’t believe in God and now God is in front of you, what you are gonna do? Would you still say “oh, for me God is just a way to control the weak souls?” Are you sure about that?

I would be personally happy, because God is the living proof that afterlife will be there for me. On the other side i would be scared, because my soul is not exactly pure and i’m sure there’s a place in hell for me with my name written on it. If i met God, i would start to fight my inner demons and behave like mother Theresa until my very end, even if i know that it won’t be enough. I mean, doing good things only because you have fear? It doesn’t work like that! I think like a very bad person right now.

No more Criminality.

Now bad people do bad things because they have no fear of the consequences. What if they knew that their bad behaviour will be judged after their death and for them there will be an eternity full of pain and damnation? Do you think they would still do bad things? I don’t think so. Even the baddest of the people have fear of hell. Trust me, if we knew that hell is there no one would be so stupid to even think to be a bad guy. Yes, you can become rich with a bad behaviour, but you can’t buy a ticket to heaven with that money. You will do exactly what the AC/DC sang…I’m on the highway to hell

No matter who you are and what you did, as soon as you see God, you are gonna put your butt on the right path as fast as you can possibly can, because burning your butt with the eternal fire is not an option for your eternity.

No more wars.

Why are we fighting for? Wars and fight are already stupid, but if you don’t have any perspective after this life, you want to make this existence “meaningful”, doing what you want in this life. So, if we have to fight someone or we want to conquer a specific country, we do it. Wars, with the awareness of the afterlife will be useless. Why do you have to fight right now for something you will not have once you dead? In hell, where you will be tortured, your huge achievement will be useless.

Technically we will still fight. The “war” will be not fight with guns but with prayers and good acts. Because we are so stupid that we will thing that we will need to prove God our worth. So, we will start a war to help other people and the more good we do, the more we think that God will help us to end up in heaven once we die. Am i the only one who thing that this is just sad? I mean, why waiting for God comes to Heart, when we could do this things even without him/her? I’m just saying. More than that, why do you have to be good only to please someone? Good must be done anyway…am i right?

Catholic church as the key to heaven?

People, if God will appear, would start immediately to follow the church and read the Bible, because for us the church is the key to heaven. Well…are you sure about that? Everything depends of what God would say. The Church was created by men, after Jesus‘ resurrection. From that moment, in the next two millenniums, the Church did despicable things. Are you really sure that it will be the key to heaven? I mean, if God is all mighty, i am pretty sure that he or she would start to take a look closely of what the Church did, do and will do. And i am not pretty sure God will be happy about it. If everything goes as i think, the Church will be completely destroyed.

We would be alone in the way to heaven. Is it scary? Well, for the first time we can think and approach faith in our personal way. We should need to read the Bible alone and we will need to do things on its own terms. The Catholic Church is not the way to get to heaven. The Priest is just a man. What does he know about heaven and how to get there? He never got there! It more probable, that the Church is the key to go to hell, looking the history and what happened the recent years!


If God will appear in this planet, it will be a shock for everyone. We will be like “OMG, it’s for me over!”. But it’s not all that bad and scary. That event will be the beginning of something too big to be put one words and a “fight” of who will be the better person in the world. The chaos God will create will be insane, it’s something obvious, but to make some order, sometimes you have to create a little bit of mess.

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