What is Really Politic?

It doesn’t matter where you live, the thing you will hear on the street will be: politic will not do what i want. Maybe in some country there will be more angry people than in other, but this thought will be there. I laugh a lot when i hear people saying this nonsense. How can you say that politics doesn’t do what you need?

Let’ start from the definition of the word politics. The word “politic” comes from the ancient Latin “reas publica”, which means “thing of the people”. From there we can start to talk

Politic is bigger than you think.

Just because you vote, doesn’t mean that your duty is over. Voting is only the top of the iceberg. Politics effect our entire life, from the moment we wake up, until the moment we go to sleep. Everything around you is politic. Don’t you believe me? Let’s play a game: you are a parent and you work full time in a company.

Politic in the morning

When you wake up

Right in the moment you wake up, politics effects you. How? You live in an house, on a bed, with the heating on, right? You own all this things because the prices were affordable and the money you earn are enough. Do you know how it is possible? Because politic controls the price trends and make sure that there are enough apartments for everyone, the goods don’t cost too much and the services are affordable for everybody. More than that, they work every year to make sure that the incomes people have are high enough to pay all of the necessary thing you need to survive.

During and after breakfast.

You have breakfast. Which means that you have buy some food at the supermarket. Then you kid will joy you at the same table. Politics is all around you! You eat food that politics makes sure you can buy. If politics decides, for whatever reason, that food are not something useful in your country, you will die starving. Maybe you are drinking some coffee or thè. Well, you cook water to prepare coffee. How do you get running and drinkable water? It’s only because politics create the necessary pipe lines to get clear water in your house.

Then you get the shower, a hot shower, maybe with the light on in the bathroom. How can you have electricity? You don’t create electricity. But politics does! It’s because what you hate the most, if you have electricity in your house to make your household appliances work, you can turn on your heater and you can have some light in your room when outside is dark.

Politic Outside home

You leave home. You close the door and you walk on your car, or to the bus stop or metro station. Do you feel safe to leave your house? Yes. Do you know why? Because of the police. Those ladies and gentlemen are there for you to make sure that the city is safe, your house included. Can you tell me who managed the cops and firemen? I tell you: politic. Politic makes sure that there are enough police officers and firemen around the city to protect you and the others. From the moment you leave your house, until the moment you come back you feel safe, because if something happens you can count on the police. Talking about walking on the street.

Public Transport and Road System

Public Transport

Do you use the public transports to go to work? Are you happy with the public transportation system? Yes? Can you tell me why are you happy? Well, you say because they are on time, a lot of them, clean and safe to use. Can you explain me in one word why is that so? No? Well, because i can! It’s politic, my dear friend. Politic make sure that you can use safe, on time and clean bus, metros, trams or what you need to go to work. You pay a ticket and everything is fine.


The public transportation needs that the road are well asphalted or the train tracks must be well build. How do you think makes sure that the road and train tracks are good enough to make the public transportation work? Not you, i am pretty sure about that! While you work on your desk, someone out there is on the road to repair them or to build new ones. Who does pay this person? Well, i think you know the answer already!

Politic in Your workplace

Now you are at work and you start your daily routine. Yes…do you know why you have your yob? Well, you may say “because i had a job interview and i was convincing enough!” That’s correct, don’t get me wrong! But Why did you have a job interview? Because the company had a open position. Why is that? Because they are growing or they have enough money to invest! Why is that? Because the economical situation is great! Why is that? Because the politic makes sure to have a constant economical growth. It’s never only about a job! It’s about a much bigger picture, that you often don’t see.

And you have to do with colleagues and a boss. Let’s start with the boos.


Your boss is often a A**hole. It may happen that he or she will ask you something and you will refuse to do that. Then he or she will fire you. Can you do something about it? Yes, you can! There are bills and laws which will support you to have your job back, if the boss was a A**hole. Otherwise, you need a new job. And you know what? There are organisations that will help you to find a new one in the less amount of time possible. Little question: who do you think have created and paid all this things? Exactly: politic.


This is maybe more for women than for men. It might happen that male colleagues will try to…well, you know…do unappropriated stuff against you. Until a couple of decades ago, you would have not had the opportunity to do anything. Now it’s different! Politic has seen that there was a problem and it tries to be better and make sure that women fells protected and in a safe environment.
More than that, if you are mobbed and you can prove it, you can also win the trial and let that bad person pay for what he or she did to you!

End of the day

Then you leave your work and go home. Maybe in your mind you will start to see all the things that politic controls and manages. Then you are on your bed, you turn the lights on and sleep well, knowing that if someone will try to get into your house, police will be there for you to protect you.


I think to have proved a point right here. Politics is around us. More than that effects us in every single second of our lives. Stop make the mistake to think that you have nothing to do with politics and vice versa. There’s something that needs to be improved? Say it and politic will change. One side can’t work without the other. Think about it!

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