Choice: Go left or go Right?

In our lives we are in a perpetual movement. We move forward, backward, sideways and often we turn around. It doesn’t really matter how we move anyway. The key right now is something else. At some point, we will stop and we will have in front of you us two ways: one left and one right. Which will be your choice?

Choice will always there!

It will be the biggest or the smallest choice in your life. Anyway, choices will be there waiting for you. More specifically, choices will be there to test you. It might be a small test, with not so big consequences, or a huge test, with life changing consequences. You will be, one day, at your crossroads and you will have to decide where to go: left or right?

Let’s play a little game. You are on your crossroad and suddenly you have to decide: on the right side a sunny day with green lawn cut in half by a country path; on the left side a dark, rainy, windy and cold night. What you are gonna choose?

Choice: Go to the right

Since you have fear of darkness or you don’t like windy and rainy nights, you choose to go right. The sun, the green lawn and the wonderful wheatear. You think to have chosen wisely, because it was an easy choice. Are you sure about that? I mean, can you say first that what you see is what you will get? I’m not saying that you have chosen poorly, that not the point right now. I am wondering if you have chosen knowing what were you going into. “Well, i had to choose between a dark night and a sunny day… it was the easiest choice!” you may say. Are you sure about that?

The Bigger Picture

Yes, technically it was the easiest choice, only watching the bigger picture. Have you taken a closer look? Have you noticed those few snakes, hidden in the lawn, and all the wasps, big hornets, bees and mosquitos flying around? Haven’t you seen the big white clouds on the horizon? Haven’t you noticed that it was already a warm morning sun and the afternoon wasn’t quite there yet? Maybe you haven’t. You might have if you had took a closer look, but you didn’t.

The problem is that you took a decision too fast, based on both what you saw and what was the alternative. You saw a very scary wheatear and you didn’t trust yourself enough to say “i will get through the storm!” I’m not saying that you are a coward and you don’t want and love the challenges. I’m just saying that for your, what it seemed to be the easiest thing, was also the easiest decision to take.

Between snakes, mosquitos and hornets you will have a hard time. More than that, the afternoon has come. You will be tired, thirsty, maybe you will sweat and the white big clouds are every minutes bigger and closer. You don’t have a place to hide and sooner the storm will hit you….the same storm you wanted to avoid!

Choice: Go to the Left

Or you can say “You know what? I take the risk!” and you go on the left. The darkest night of your life, big clouds, a stormy weather with pouring rain and strong wind are all there for you. You have no idea of what this is gonna be. There’s no certainty that the day will come. You don’t know if the storm will stop. You have absolutely no idea if you will can get true that! Your mind is full of doubts, worries, uncertainty and fears.

But you walk into in anyway! Without knowing, you take a huge risk and get into the storm. The wind blows straight into your face, making the walk almost a mission impossible. The rain is so overwhelming that you are basically blind. The thunders strike all around you, giving to your years the feeling of danger…a danger you have never witnessed before. But you walk, walk and walk! You don’t want to stop, because if you stop you are lost.

Will you survive?

Sooner or later, the thunder will end. A blue sky and a wonderful sunrise on the greenest lawn you have ever seen will wait for you. I mean, did you really think that the storm will last forever? Storm, even the biggest ones, come and go. But you will be there….will you?

You get into the storm when the storm was already there. You had no idea when it started and you have no idea how long it will last.
Why did you get there in the first place? Because you were crazy, you love challenges or you didn’t care? It can be everything. However, no matter the reason why you go left, there the chance you will not get through the storm. Everything can be too strong and you were not prepared after all!


Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe you have overrated yourself, thinking you could do that! Or maybe, you haven’t look closely again. Yes, the storm was bad, but why risking everything, when you had the opportunity to wait?

Even on the right side you have maybe made a mistake. You judged what you saw and you didn’t wait! If you had waited a little bit longer, the big white cloud would be arrived and they would be gone away. All the snakes and the dangerous insects would be gone too and you have had two path (left or right) with a blue sky and the greenest and safest lawn you have ever seen.

In live, when you have a choice to make, we should take time. It’s dangerous to take a decision at the spot. You have to take a closer look and see everything. Once you have all the information, you can decide what to do!

Before, it just a gamble…a gamble that you maybe will lose, with too big consequences!

See ya


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