Formula One 2022: #F1Testing

Formula One, on its Instagram Account, has finally announces the dates for the 2022 Formula One season Testing. Differently from the previous years, in 2022 there will be two testing sessions: In Spain (23-25 February) and the second one In Barhain (10-12 March). If we were still in 2021, i would not have written this post. But in 2022 a revolution is coming. Now, i want to talk with you about the things we should keep an eyes on.

In the two testing sessions we should focus our attention on three different aspects:

Formula One 2022: Tyres

In 2022 tyres will be different. We leave the 16″ tyres behind us and we are going to welcome the 18″ Tyres. They are bigger, they look much more aggressive and they should increase the safety. In 2020 and 2021 we have seen several crashes related to tyres failures. I remember Lewis Hamilton in Silverstone 2020 or a Max Verstappen in Baku 2021. Those two are only the biggest name. But there were others different occasion where drivers had to retires, because they had suddenly only three working tyres and the barriers were too close. All this crashes happened because the car created a huge load and the tyres. The problem is that the tyres were too old and created for other forces. Cars needed new tyres able to support all the load those beasts are gonna produces.

More than that, the 2020 and 2021 tyres were too sensible of temperature variations. Only 3, maybe 4 degrees more or less, the “window” closed and the tyres didn’t produce the necessary grip to go fast in a safe way. More than that, just because the tyres were too sensible, the drivers were not able to go fast. They needed to treat those tyres woth the gloves. If you don’t go fast, you can’t fight against someone else. Without fights, race were boring. If someone tried to go fast or attack, the temperature would have become too high. Which means the loose of grip would have been too big to make the strategy work.

In 2022 all of this should be only a bad memory with the new Pirelli tyres. Those tyres will be less sensible and help the drivers to drive faster much longer. I am pretty sure that all the teams will be on track a lot, to understand how the tyres will work. They will want to be sure to hit the track on March 18th ready to fight. The long run test will be interesting to watch. It will be fascinating to see the lap times and if there will be any kind of issues.

Formula One 2022: Closer racing

The concept behind the entire process to create the 2022 car was very simple: better and closer racing. The entire revolution of the technical regulation based with that porpouse. Which means that cars should not be too much influenced by the “dirty air” produced by the can in front. Will it be real? How much closer will the car be able to follow another car? Those questions will find an answer in the #F1Testing. I would not be surprised if team will ask to their drivers to drive as close as possible. Just to understand how close they can get until to lose too much downforce. This test will be crucial both for the driver, to know how far they can go, and for the teams, to understand how strategy and tyres will be affected from this “closer racing”.

Formula One 2022: The Look

In 2022 car will look totally different. What we have seen so far is just a model from the Formula One itself. When the teams will introduce the cars they thought, we can see how much different the car will actually look compared to the original Formula One’s idea. This is something we will see both during all the Team’s launches, and on track at the Montmel√≤ Circuit in Spain.


I am pretty curios to see those cars on track. In the beginning, during the 2019 season, people said that those cars would have been 6 second slower that the previous generation. During 2020 they said only 3 second slower. In 2021 someone speculated that the car would be as fast as the previous generation. Nobody knows how Formula One will look like. We don’t even know who will lead and who will be last. There’s no way we can bring some knowledge from 2021 and predict what’s gonna be.

I will not look the lap times. It’s useless. We don’t know what kind of test the teams are doing, how much fuel there is in the car and how the tyres really are. Saying that one team is faster than the other is no a wise thing to do. Especially with completely new cars.

The only thing we can do is just to wait until the end of February and see, after the three days of testing, who will be where!

I can’t wait!

See ya


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