Taeyeon: The Cutest Muse!

I love Girls’ Generation. By far it’s my favorite K-pop group. After the wonderful voices of Tiffany Young and Jessica Jung, it’s time for me to celebrate one of the leaders of the group: Kim Taeyeon. She’s one of the reason why i am so obsessed with Girls’ Generation since 2010.

Taeyeon’s Career in the Girls Generation

She started, like all the other nine members, in 2006. The story of the group is here! She’s the classic loyal soldier. Taeyeon was there since day one. She was also there after 2013, when some people speculated that Jessica’s quit was Taeyeon’s masterplan (without any kind of proof). After 2018, when Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung decided not to re-sign the contract with the SM Town, she was even there. She could also leave, but she stayed!

She was part of the sub-group “TTS” (Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun). Now she’s one of the five remaining member (together with Yoona, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon) that form the Sub-Group “Oh!GG”. She could do what she could possibly can for the group. It’s hard to be more loyal that that! She didn’t need that after all! I mean, with that voice she could have easily leave the group and continue her career only as a solo artist. She would have had an incredible success, but she didn’t. She performed as a solo artist often, but she’s also remained as proud Girls’ Generation member.

Taeyeon’s Solo Career

Taeyeon was actually the pioneer for the Girls’ Generation of being a solo artist. She was the one who open the path for the others members to start a solo career. SM Town thought at that time: “Who might be the best canditate for a solo career?” And the choice was Taeyeon. I mean, it could not be anything else. She was the leader of the group and, with that unique voice, she would not have had any kind of problem to be successfull. And that exactly what happened.

“I” debut song.

In 2015, out of nowhere, SM Town’s youtube channel posted a video trailer of “I”. It was the teaser trailer that announced Taeyeon debut as a solo artist. I was happy and afraid at the same time. Happy because i knew her talent, afraid because it might be a disaster. Everything can go wrong. Even the smallest detail can ruin an entire career. I knew already how meticolous in K-pop people are, but the worries were always there.

And then, finally, on October 10th, 2015 the song came out. My worries were super stupid. That was the cutest and most full-of-good-vibes song i could hear and watch. And still today is the cutest and the must full-of-good-vibes song. I mean, that song is a 4 minutes long declaration of freedom and happiness. The song talks about that we should embreace freedom to live and experience all the thing we can possibly can. And the music video is actually the explanation in picture of what she wants to communicate with words. I live in this world since 3 decade and it happens very, very rarely that a music video and song can make me almost cry. But that video did!

The song was, and still is, the most successful Girls’ Generation’s solo debut, with almost 240 million views. All the other girls, who went solo after that (Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun and Yuri), they had their success, but none of these ladies were able to even get close to that number.

Solo Career after “I”

She was by far the most consistance and active Girls’ Generation member. After “I” (and the related mini album), in 2016 Taeyeon released “Rain“, “11:11” “Why” and “Starlight“, (the last two songs together with the 2 Mini Album “Why”). 2017 was the year of her very first album “My Voice” (With the single “I Got Love“). 2018 was the moment of “Stay“, “Page 0” and the third mini album “Something New”. In 2019, “Four Season”, “Voice” and the second Album “Purpouse” (with the masterpiece “Spark“) were released. 2020 was the yeas of “Happy”, the EP “#GirlsSpkOut (With the song #GirlsSpkOut) and the 4th Mini Album “What do i call you” (very recommended mini album, by the way). 2021 was the year of the single “Weekend” and 2022 for the single “Can’t Control Myself“.

In the K-pop, but even in the entire music business, there have not been so many artist as productive as Taeyeon. And she’s only 33. Technically she can have 20 or more year ahead or full of wonderful songs and amazing performances. I am thrilled only to think about that!

Her voice

Her voice is pretty hard to describe. I’m sure that only angels have this kind of voice. I’m not exaggerating. Even when way much more expert people than me in music talks about Taeyeon, they say the same thing about her: She’s emotional.

It’s not about the fact she cries or she shows her emotions with her face and body language. No! She is able to transmit emotion through her voice. I am serious, if you close you eyes and you listen to her songs, you will recognize immediately what kind of emotion she wants to transmit. And she can do that singing in korean. That’s crazy to think how music can be a universal language! The talent she possess is off the charts. Not all the singer are able to do that. Almost all of the other artist must have the feelings, they are singing about, inside them to show emotions during the performances. But not Taeyeon. She’s able to trasmit any kind of emotion, even if she didn’t feel those emotion in that moment. It’s ridicolous.

And she’s freaking in tune all the freaking time. It happens that artist are not as good as they are in the album. Yes, technology comes pretty handy for lot af artists. Taeyeon is able to sing very well even during a live performance, thing that not all of the artist are able to do. For example, although i love Tiffany Young and Jessica, the first is nor perfectly in tune and the second sings often pretty low volume. It’s hard to find a bad Taeyeon performance. That’s what i like in her!


If you want to hear something good and you need something peacefully, Taeyeon is the perfect choice for you! She’s a great talent with a great voice. You will not regret that!

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