technology through A.I. : Do we need it?

Technology is part of our lives. In the 21st Century we have to deal with it. For some of us is something awesome, for other is something scary. However, it doesn’t change the fact that we have to accept the fact that computers and robots will live together with us. The question i have right now is: is Artificial Intelligence an opportunity or a danger?

I love Will Smith as an actor. I really do. Why am i saying this? Because in 2004 he was the main character in the “I Robot” movie. The movie was set in an American futuristic city (I don’t remember the city, sorry) where the robots works for the human. In this city robots did all the job humanity didn’t want to do. All this robots were produced by a company controlled by an artificial intelligence. Are we in that same conditions? Are machines already so involved in our lives?

The answers for both question is a huge yes. Just think about robotics in all the economic fields. Everything is controlled my technology.

Technology is around us!

technology in the Finance

In the finance, everything is controlled by computer and software. Those software predict us what the financial market might behave in the future. If you are a broker and your job is to make money, this software are necessary. The entire financial system is based on computer and software. Right now the world is too much connected and moves too fast to allow us to work with paper. We are not in 1929. The faster, the better. And the computer helps broker to be faster, better and make more money. And the investors use computer to be perfectly on time to make the biggest possible win.

Technology in the Movie

In Hollywood all the movies have CGI in them, just to make the movies look better. There are countless example of movies that are way much better with technology. Star Trek, Godzilla, King Kong. You can say that those movie doesn’t make any sense, but this is human’s fault. Computer doesn’t create storylines…not now at least! Visually The Godzilla movie from the 50s and the Godzilla movie from 2014 are two different universes.

Technology in the Healthcare

In the medical research we use technology and robots to get where for us was impossible to go. (for IBM researchers was possible to manipulate atoms to make a short movie). Without it, it would be impossible for researcher to discover what they discover. Our life expectation would be way much shorter. And we would not have such a deep knowledge of the human body. We know what we know, because technology and computer will allow us to see what we can see with a naked eye.

Technology in the Music

In music we use technology to make all the singer’s voice sounds perfect. Sometimes computer does such and amazing job, that the singers sometimes sound very different on iTunes and during a live performance. Now, Djs can create music without using a single instrument. There are software that have everything a music producer needs to express his or her art. I will leave you this video and this video…then you can see how David Guetta creates his own music.

Technology in the Transport

The biggest example however is in the transport. Cars have now computer who control everything in the car. In the airplane there’s the autopilot and the planes can fly for itself without a human being on the “steering wheel”. Train are very technology now, where the engine driver sits in front of a dashboard and the train drives to 300 or even 400 Km/h.

Losing Control

We are living in a time where humanity is often not in control of the machines anymore and the jobs, human being did in the past, are made by robots. Humanity right now plays often the role of “watchers” to make sure that the machines works as they should. Of course, Matrix kind of world is still not reality and we are still using technology to make our works easier, but it will come the time where machine will replace us entirely and everywhere, because robots are better than humanity.

“Will the world one day look like matrix?” No. I mean, it is possible, but we don’t have forget the fact that we create machines. If we make sure that machine will never EVER take control on us, programming them in that way, we can easily live the best time in human’s history and machine will do the hard work for us.

And if you look how cars are created, you can easily realise that. Now robots produce other cars…technically machines produced other machines. The evolution is already happening and you can also see it through the job advertisement, where sometimes you must have learnt informatics to repair a car, because cars are often a big piece of technology (see all the new electric cars on the market, like Tesla, Mercedes and Porsche). Even to be a secretary you have to possess some informatics knowledges to use proper the computer and to work perfectly.


“What we can do to avoid it?”
Why do we have to avoid it? Machine will replace us and we could technically live in a world where the machine will make the job and we get all the money. Robots doesn’t need money, but we do. So, in the factories robots will work 24/7, 365 days a year and we can stay home, because the state will pay us to stay home, just because we are alive. It is technically possible a world like this, very hard to achieve that, but still possible.

And this time is not so far away. In certain companies’s divisions robots have already the entire control. In the pharmaceutical industry, where products must be 100% sterile, machine are in control of big part of the production because humanity is not sterile, but the machines are. If you pay attention of the world around you, you will already know that this evolution is ongoing and it’s maybe too late to come back. The big point is to understand when it’s time to stop the research and development. Once we do that, everything will be fine.

A world like “I Robot” is not so hard to believe right now!

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