Gay and Lesbian: Who Are We to Decide?

We live in the 21st Century and still we have huge problem with gay and lesbian. It’s incredible to think that in this specific moment in our history we are not able to accept the other for what they are. But, since i want to be perfectly clear, let’s start from the very beginning.

The beginning of my problem.

I woke up in a very good mood. Even if the weather was not so nice (it’s could, dark and cloudy), i was relaxed and ready to start the day. Until, as soon as i open WordPress, a random post pissed me off. I am not gonna tell you who he was, because he doesn’t deserve any kind of help.

What did that “genius” say?

He, for whatever reason, started to take specific part of the entire Bible, to justify the fact that Gay and Lesbian are not something natural and respectable. Let me be more clear. He took just one or two phrases FROM THE ENTIRE BIBLE and used it to justify his personal hate against a specific group of people. In few words, he used Jesus and God to say “I hate Gay and Lesbian because the BIBLE tells me to do that!”. I was freaking mad. How can you use someone so pure, merciful, empathetic and humble like Jesus against poor people?

Gay and Lesbian are creature og God

Let’s put the entire thing based of what God and Jesus did. God, in the sixth day created two human beings: Adam and Eve (i’m not quite sure about Lilith, by the way). From there, those two (and their children) have had so much sex that humanity was created. Technically we are all “creature of God” and, if i am right, God often talks to us and “my child or my children”. Which means that he accepted us and he loves us in the same way. Now, my dear someone who hates Gay and Lesbian, God loves them. If you follow God as a lifestyle, who are you to hate them? Are you better than the All-Mighty God? If the God’s word is the law, you should respect his law, am i right?

Gay and Lesbian as Human Being

We are all animals

Let’s say that you are man of science and you don’t accept the fact that Gay and Lesbian exist. It would be very odd, but it can happen. You are forgetting someone: we are all animals.

Maybe we can be more efficient than any other mammal on Earth, but we are still mammals. We are technically just like an Elephant, a whale or o a giraffe. We might look different, but we work in the same way. Why am telling this? Because researchers have proves that even between mammals like monkey, there are Gay couples. I’m not kidding. You live with science…you should know that! So, we are mammals too. Why is for us not possible to be Gay or Lesbian? What’s the difference between a human being or any other mammals? Why is for monkey something accepted but for some of us is something to rejected?

Gay and lesbian must be sick

Lucky for us that we have the freedoms to save us. We live in a society where we can do finally what we want. However, for some stupid people, if you are Gay or a Lesbian you are automatically “weird” or you need to be cured. Why? Is the “Being Gay” a sexually transmitted disease? Or some kind of infection? I don’t think so. I personally don’t know any gay person. However, i live on this planet since thirty years and only God knows how many Gay or Lesbian people i have seen randomly on the street. Trust me, i am not Gay, just because a gay or a lesbians sneezed on my. So, it’s not a disease or an infection. Sorry to break your little mind.

Oh, maybe they are on a genetical level different than us. Well, i’m not sure about that and i don’t care. If, and i repeat IF, they have something different in their genetic code, i would not care at all! What’s the big deal about it? It’s not me “being genetic different”! It’s someone else’s problem. Let him or her handle “the problem” as he or she wishes. I mean, who are we to tell those people how they have to live their lives? Are they feel happy and themselves being Gay or Lesbian? Good for them! Let them be happy!

Gay and Lesbian as a danger for the society!

That’s a good one! Now all the men and Gay and all the women are Lesbian. Can you just close the adult entertainment site you have open on your screen? This is not the REAL world. The reason why you are still single and virgin are to be found somewhere else. Gay and Lesbian are a very, very, very low percentage of the entire humanity! There’s no reason to be worried that all of a sudden all men will love other men and other women will love other women. They are not a plague to stop.

The reason why now you have lot of people coming out from the darkness is because they know they can express themselves for who they really are! They were Gay and Lesbian since the beginning, but they fakes their heterosexuality because they had fear. Now this fear is gone and they could finally come to the light and live the life they deserve to live.


Gay and Lesbian have all the right to live the life the want to be and define themselves. We, as humanity, have NO RIGHT to tell them how they live and how they should behave. That is their life. Don’t you like that idea that same-gender-people can love each other and be happy? It’s your problem. Don’t you want to live together with them? Well, my friend you can either find a desert place to live alone or you can actually meet God personally…It’s your choice!

See ya


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