Health Of You Blog: Is Your Blog Really Healthy?

If you do this for hobby, this post might not be so interesting. On the other side, if you have built a business around it, maybe my following thoughts might be useful. Are you sure that your blog is healthy? It’s not about your content. Your blog’s health turns around the number and the behave of your so called “community”. The question is: can you trust what you see?

Blog’s health: Take a look of your statistic

I am not a great fans of statistic. They are important to know your community. In my opinion, i think that a content creator should take care more of content than numbers. However, numbers might give you the right direction of where you go. But i don’t want to talk about statistic right now. The focus is the amount of interaction. There’s no marketing or schedule right now to talk about. Only pure numbers. Just let’s make a couple of examples.

A perfect world of numbers…

Let’s imagine a perfect Internet. You start from zero. You post your very first content. No matter what it is. You share it with the hashtags or tags you need and wait. In a perfect Internet, as soon as you post something, ALL the people, who follow those hashtag or tags, will see your content. Automatically they will love it. More than that, they will leave a like, a comment and they will share it. The same will happen to all of your follower’s follower: even those people will see your content and they will like it, they will leave a like, a comment and they will start to follow you. With only one post, you will reach theoretically 100 million followers. And your post also will have 100 millions likes, 100 millions comments and 100 millions people who shared your content.

…But it’s not the truth!

But this world is not perfect. Internet is not perfect and social media are not perfect. In truth, very few people see what you offer. It’s sad, but it is what it is. Let’s say that you, after all the years of hard work, you reach 100 000 followers. I mean, it’s a huge number and with this amount of people you can work as a blogger full-time. Are you sure about that? Can you really say that you can do that? Have you seen the numbers?

Blog’s health: My personal situation.

Your numbers will never be good enough to say that your blog is completely healthy. My blog, for example, is not so healthy right now. In the moment i write this post, i have only 53 followers and i receive on average 10 likes and a couple of comments. Technically only the 20% of my followers leave a like and 3% of those leave a comment. Where are the others? They maybe read and they don’t care at all, or they don’t even see what i write, because they follow too people. The reasons are a lot. The matter of fact is that, 4 follower out of five don’t interact with my contents, even if they have signalised the fact that they are interested in my offer, because they follow me.

Blog’s health: The Bigger, the worse.

Even sadder is when you get bigger. It should be a great moment, but it’s also a huge problem. The bigger you become, the worse the numbers. I follow bloggers with 30 and more thousand follower and the have often “only” from 1000 to 2000 likes and write comments on average. If math is on my side, from 3% to 6% of their entire community interact with the contents, even if they follow those content creator. 3% to 6% is a very sad number. Where the rest. I can believe that 90% of the entire community doesn’t receive the notification. If you don’t care what this content creator has to offer, just don’t follow him. It’s so disrespectful to follow someone and don’t interact…

Unhealthy communities

Every single one of the content creator has an unhealthy community. Contents creators can’t trust in their community at all. Yes, the number might be huge, but if look the entire picture, you can see that the biggest part of our followers don’t care of what we do. How sad is that? I mean, why do we follow someone if we don’t interact with that person? Even Social media are effected by that.

I want to take as example Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. Those two superstar have huge instagram accounts. But they have very poor numbers.
Selena Gomez:
Follower: almost 300 million
Like: 6 millions average (2%)
Comment: 30 thousand average (0,01%)

Kylei Jenner:
Follower: 300 millions
Like: 10 millions average (3%)
Comment: 50 thousand like (0,01%)

Blog or social media’s health: Solution?

Well, the solution is pretty easy. Stop following someone just because he or she’s cool. The problem is that content creators based often their lives on those numbers. We, because i am also a content creator, need true numbers to analyse. If we see 30 thousand follower we need that this 30 thousand people are real follower, who will interact and support us through our journey. I am not talking about money. I talk about interaction. The more “true” the numbers are, the more content creator can decide what to do and where to go with their business.


Before to click the follow button, please think twice. Are you ready to follow that person? I mean, do you have the time to read, leave like, a comment and share the contents? Are you ready to be active with that person? If the answer is yes, click the “follow” button, otherwise, just don’t!

Thank you for your honesty!

See ya


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