Pornography: Is It So Dangerous?

WordPress is a wonderful place. Actually internet is a wonderful place. There all all kind of people and opinion. I was reading some post and, all of a sudden, i found a post of The Sexual Materialism, who showed her idea around porn. For her, porn is the devil. And kids needs to know more about pornography and what’s really is. Am i the only one who thing that this idea is wrong everywhere you look at? Let me be clear.

Before to get to my points, i would love to tell you what she shared. She basically said that pornography is a very bad, twisty and violent activity. Moreover she blames porn if the kids learn sex in the wrongest way possible. For that reason, kids should need to understand how to use pornography in a responsible way! That’s basically what she said. I linked you the post above. If you want to know more, read there.
However, in my opinion, it’s all wrong!

What’t pornography?

Pornography is entertainment for ADULTS. An entertainment where two or more people captured their sexual experience on camera, to make other people happy. It can be any kind of sexual fantasy or sexual situation possible. The point is that pornography is actually an explicit sex scene on screen. That’s what it is. Given that internet is a free place, we CHOOSE to watch this kind of content. Which means that you know what you are about to watch and you are fine with it. Right now i have two HUGE PROBLEMS.

Kids and Pornography

That’s the funny part about that. In the Sexual Materialism’s post it has been writtern that we need a sort of “porn literacy”, because our childredn must be aware of what they are watching. Children…and porn? I don’t know, but it seems that people have no idea how a porn site works. Once you open one, you don’t see any content. What you see is a disclaimer that give you an option: “Are you older than 18 (or 21)?” If you click “yes”, you are gonna see the homepage. Otherwise the site will kick you out.

So, if a “poor child” watches porn, it means that this kid has read the disclaimer and he was agree to LIE about the age. It’s not porn’s fault if our children are FREAKING LIARS. Those site tell you “look that what you are going to watch is not for you!”. If the teenagers lie and watch porn anyways, what can porn sites do about it?

Where are the Parents?

That’s the other point. We put the blame on Porn, because our children have a very wrong perseption of sexuality. And what about their parents? I mean, moms and dads around the world have the duty and responsability to raise a responsible kid. In the end, this kids must be in the future a good adult, who knows what’s fake and what’s real. If the parenst can’t do their job, it’s not pornography’s fault. It’s their fault.

More than that, where are the parents where the kids use computer, smartphones or tablets? Why don’t they do anyhing about it? I mean, there are actually a lot of opportunities to limit the use of those devices, to make sure that our kids don’t watch unappropriate contents. Another big point is the following one: why don’t parents teach their kids what sex is all about? It is because it’s too emberrasing? Seriously? They had sex to have that baby and now are they emberrased to talk about something they did multiple times? C’mon…where are we? In the Middle-Age?

Putting the blame of pornography is just an excuse not to watch the real problem: parents don’t do their job anymore and they have kids just to prove a point to the society. Nothing more, nothing less!


Since when is porn violent? What the hell are we talking about? The problem is that people sometimes talk without knowing very well. NONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE VIDEO is forced to do the thing they do. It doesn’t matter what happened in that scenes, everything is previously prerared: the location, the clothes, the make-up, the people involved, what to do, the lights and where to put the cameras. It’s all entertainment. All the ladies and gentlemen in that scene are well aware of what’s about to happen. More than thet, they got piad for that…sometimes THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every scene!

It doesn’t really matter how hardcore the scene is, what’s happening is FAKE. They are actors and actresses who plays a role. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, Yes…i almost forgot. Sexual Materialism says that pedophilia is encouraged. What? No, it’s not encurage at all. What the hell are you talking about? I mean, all this “Stepsons” and “Stepdaughers” are clearly way older than 18 or 21. More than that, porn industry doesn’t allow anyone underage to perform or even have a job. It’s against the law. Porn might be a wild industry sometimes, but they follow the rules. Technically Hollywood is way much dangerous place if we want to talk about pedophilia, because over there children use to perform on camera.

Do you want to talk about violence or sexual abuses? What’s your position about splatter movies and the Catholic Church? For you is fine that your kids watch blood, decapitations, amputations, homicides, and then go to church on Sunday, but two people having hardcore sex on camera is the worst thing ever?


Saying that pornography is bad and the reason why kids are sexually disturbed is wrong. You should say “the inadequacy of parents is the reason why kids are sexually disturbed!”. This is all about. We should start from there. Parents need to start to be parents. Once they did, everything will be fine and pornography would no be so bad after all!

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