Blogging: Why Don’t The People read Your Content?

It happens sometimes that, for one reason or the other, you post something and that something in not read. Or maybe is read, but not as much as you expected. It happens in blogging. It happened to me a couple of times already with the post about the legendary Taeyeon. I thought to have written something good, but almost anybody read it. I started to wondering the reason behind this failure. Then i heard about the world “Blog ghosting”. What the hell is this?

“Blog Ghosting” is the “funny” tactics where bloggers don’t read you. It’s like a relationship: you have wonderful time with another person, and they this person simply disappear. The same happen with blogging: you create your little community and then, out of nowhere, some of them will disappear. I got curios and i started to look for bloggers who might have this problem. Luckily in my case was only bad timing, but Ghost Blogging is something not so unusual. Why don’t all the people read our contents? Is everything related to Blog Ghosting?

No, it’s not! There are other reason why your post is a failure.

Timing in Blogging

Timing is crucial. If you post too late or too to soon, the probability not to be seen are very high. You have to know you community and when they are active. For example, after a couple of months i can tell you that my community is more active in the afternoon and before dinner. For other might be later in the night or early in the morning. It’s different from blogger to blogger. Knowing when your community is online is pretty important. Your content don’t remain in the top for a very long time. We are talking about few second, maybe a couple of minute. If your community is not online where you post, there are the high chance that another post will replace you post. So, bye bye views.

Time to invest in blogging

I am on my blog every day, because for 2022 i chose in that way. So, i can stay home and take care of my blog 24/7. However, not all people of my community have this luxury to stay home and take care of their hobby. They have a family, a job or something else much more important to do. We have only 16 hours a day for everything. For lot of us, blogging is not a priority but only a funny hobby. So, they don’t log-in every single day. Maybe in the week have only time for blogging in the week-end, or after dinner, or two afternoons a week. Who knows! What i am trying to say is that they are not so mean and they suddenly stop to support you. They just maybe don’t have so much time to read other contents so often.

Contents are crucial

If you have a blog where you talk about only one topic (like a food blogger, a fashion blogger or a sport blogger) you will have your own community based one one topic. So, the number of like and views would the pretty much the same. If you are like me, who talks about pretty much everything, things are a little big different. Your entire community will be made of as much sub communities as your content. So, if you have ten topics, you will have maybe ten communities. And this communities are different in size: there will be the biggest sub-community, the smallest sub-community and everything inbetween.

Now, with the biggest sub-community, you will have no problem: views will come anyway. With the smallest sub-community thing can become a little bit different, because you will miss the timing or the post is not actually so interesting. It happened. It’s not about Blog Ghosting, it’s all about a low quality content and a missing timing.

Signal something

This is something directly related to Blog Ghosting. Even it is a very mean thing to do, It’s also a way your community has to tell you that you are doing something wrong. Maybe you behave not in a good way or maybe your post was not well receive at all. It doesn’t matter. Your follower can decide to ghost you just to tell you “look, man! We don’t like what you are doing! If you don’t change, we will leave you!” Then you can decide what to do. You can actually continue to behave as you do or you can change. It’s up to you do decide.


It’s sad, i know! You invest lot of time in a post and then you have very poor numbers. But this is what it is! You can’t don anything about it. The only thing you have to do is to know your community, understand the perfect timing and hope for the best. However, let me tell you something. There’s a way to make you post impossible to lose. If you create this interaction between you and you community, like an addiction, they maybe will have find time to read you, because your contents are so good, or you are so good, that they can’t afford to lose your news! It’s very hard to do that, but if you do, you will have no problem of poor statistics.

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