Freedom of Speech: We Need to Learn It!


In this world there are freedom that allow us to live in the best possible way we can. Without them, our lives would be a living nightmare. Actually if would be a dictatorship. However, one of the freedom that we need to learn more to use is the freedom of speech. We love to say thing, but sometimes this freedom is like a boomerang.

It’s crucial that every single one of us understands what the freedom of speech really means!

We are all different!

Our opinions and thoughts are the results of our lives. We live in a certain way and we have different experience. Our lifestyle and experience “force” us to thing in a certain way. Think about firearms license. In Europe we think that guns must not be owned by citizens, in the United States people have a different opinion. This difference is the results of the lives we have lived and the society we have created. Every single country, and every singly one of us, has a different opinion about all the possible things in the world.

We are not right!

Just because we thing different, doesn’t mean we are right. Just because something is “normal” for you, must not be something normal for someone else. For example, i live in Germany and every single people, who live in this country, has an insurance. In case we need to go to the doctor we receive free medical cures. We pay a monthly amount and we can go to almost every specialist, where we have the opportunity to be healthy. We have this kind of thing since decades, while in the United States is something new. By the way, not all the people are “happy about it! It doesn’t mean, however, that i am right or they are right. Those two way to see healthcare are the result of an entire society who took decisions. What can work for me, it might not work for everyone. But, not be able to engage a healthy discussion about it, it’s exactly what the freedom of speech doesn’t want to see.

Freedom of Speech: Confront with the other!

Freedom of speech demand a price. And the price is to discuss our ideas and test them against someone else. It’s not necessarily the beginning of a fight. I mean, why do we have to fight with someone who thinks differently than us? It should be a moment where you can understand if your ideas are good or not. If they are, is all good. If they are not, it’s the perfect time to hear other people’s opinions. Maybe you were completely wrong, maybe only part of your idea was bad. Who knows! That’s the amazing part of the freedom of speech: you can start to talk about someone and you have no idea where you will end.

Freedom of Speech: Be able to understand!

The goal in talking with another person, through the expression of your thoughts, is to understand. Are you living good? Is your country in the best possible shape? Are you see the world in the right way? Those and many other questions can find an answer only if you truly start to talk the other. Once the discussion is over, look back what people told you and they see where you are and where you can go. Not only you, but also your country. For example, you always thought that your country is bad. Then, talking with other, your country doesn’t look so bad after all. Or maybe your life doesn’t look so bad. The key is to understand that the freedom of speech force us to the confront and put something on the line.

Freedom of Speech: Grow together!

It’s important to be in the mind set to grow. As soon as you share something in Internet or you say something with the colleague, you can demand that other people will be like “oh, you are totally right!”. It might happen, i’m not saying no. But there will be the high probability that someone will tell you “look, you are wrong with it!”. Then this person will tell you why you are wrong. The question is if you are able to put your proud aside and grow? Because if you do that, you can reach a lot, both personally and maybe professionally. Maybe you can get to the next level. Maybe you can see this differently or maybe you can understand the other’s people feelings. You know, maybe you will find something you didn’t know! One thing is for sure: if you speak truly with someone, you will grow in a way you can even imagine!

The freedom of speech is an amazing thing, but you have to know how to use it! I give you a couple of advices. Maybe they will help, maybe won’t. It’s up to you to decide!

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    salsaworldtraveler says:

    Your thoughts about freedom of speech are right on. No one is right all the time, and freedom of speech really only works if people listen and evaluate what is being said.

    By the way, with regard to our system of health insurance, the U.S. can thank Japan and the Third Reich for that. Prior to WWII there really wasn’t much in the way of health insurance in the U.S.. Because of wage and price controls and worker shortages during the war, companies here began offering fringe benefits such as health insurance (which was very inexpensive in those days) to attract employees. Employee benefits were not subject to wage and price controls. That’s how employer provided health insurance rather than some other system got started here. This is not meant to point fingers in any way because Japan and Germany are great countries and rank higher than the U.S. in democracy indexes.

    1. Well, thank you for your words. Actually what I have said should be absolutely obvious. Knowing that it’s not makes me sad a little bit

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