Transgender: We Need To Understand!


I don’t know you, but i have the weird feeling that this society is a classic double face. With one face we embrace the differences, with the other we want to keep them away from us. Something like that happens with transgender. Because we have no idea what is all about!

Who is a Transgender?

A so called “Transgender” is a person who changes gender. If you are born as a woman, you want to become a man and vice versa. So simple is that. To do that, those people go through a lot physically and mentally. The mind and the body is put under a huge pressure just to make sure that the person involved is able to have another gender.

Why does Transgender do that?

Nature sometimes can be cruel!

Nature is awesome. Almost a perfect machine. for 99,9% of the case, everything works perfectly. A man will be in a male’s body and a woman will be inside a female’s body. However, for reason that the medicine has still problem to find an answer to, there are men who born in a female’s body and vice versa. This problem is technically visible from a very young age. However, is almost impossible to see. Why? Well, just see this example: when you see your boy, at the age of 6 plays with dolls, you will never think that your kid is a girl in a boy’s body. No, you want! Nobody will think about it! For every single parent in this world, he is a boy who likes dolls.

The Teens for a Transgender can be a living hell!

The real problem comes only later, when the boy become a teenager and he (or maybe better say “she”) realises that he’s not quite as the other guy. He doesn’t like what guys normally likes (especially sexually) and he doesn’t act like a man. He starts to realise that he acts more like a woman. Is there a problem in that? Absolutely not. However, all those cave-stupid-idiots called schoolmates will be so rude and dumm to call him “gay”, in the most possible offensive way. The more time passes, the bigger the problem. He can’t connect with men, because they don’t want to have to do with a gay, and the women see him as weird and nice guy, not as the woman he really is.

The Key role of the parents!

Technically he is alone. And when a teenager feels alone, there’s the chances that he will do stupid things. That’s the moment where the parents have to be parents and talk to him (her). Because they know that there’s something going on with the boy. They have to know it. I mean, what kind of parent can be so blind not to see something pretty clear? I truly don’t get that! The parents have to be there with the boy, no matter what. All the conversations, the family will have, will not be nice or happy.

It might be painful and embarrassing, especially for the teenager and especially when the family is not open to this possibility. It doesn’t matter how hard it will be, the family must face the problem. Because now it’s a big problem for her inside a male’s body. She can’t live the life she wants with a completely wrong body to carry on. I can only imagine how frustrating, sad, painful and terrible might be for a transgender teenager living in the wrong body. There’s the constant feeling that something is wrong and you can’t do nothing about it…well, not exactly!

The Medicine as a life saviour for Transgender!

Now medicine can do miracles. Even helping a person to have the body it needs to be who this person wants to be. The process is very long, expensive and painful, but in the end, the feeling is just undescribable.

The transgender have to go to doctors to really understand if this process is exactly what they need and to make sure that it’s exactly the case of a soul in a complete opposite body.

Once they get through that, and it can be already something emotional and mentally stressful, the “funny” and most difficult phase comes: the surgeries and the medical treatments. Often is more than one and it takes years for a transgender person to say “i’m finally in the body i need!”. If you don’t quite get what really happens, let me tell you this: they change literally a body. The medicine will change how that body works and they are gonna take out what’s not necessary and it will replaced with the thing the body needs. Even the genital system. I mean, how can you be a man or a woman if you have the wrong genital system? You can’t!

It’s a journey with no return. Once the transgender decided to get through that it has to get done. There’s no second thoughts. And he or she will need a huge of support: physical support, but especially mental one. This poor soul will get through a lot! It will be happy to do that, but the treatment is still long and painful. But once the job will be done, you will see another person! Finally the transgender can be happy and live the life he or she always wanted!


That’s what a transgender really is. It’s not like someone who want to change sex because of a whim. They need to do that, because what they live is not a life. It’s like being prisoners in their own body, with no escape. Those people are not to discriminate, but to support and help to make their life normal. We all deserve to live a decent life.

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