Are Lazy People The Best?


Lazy song!” Is a masterpiece. I am not a Bruno Mars‘ fan and probably i will never be. Anyway, there a couple of songs i like a lot. One of those songs is the “Lazy Song!”. Why i love this song? Because Bruno Mars gave a voice to all the people like me! Right in the very beginning the song makes clear what it’s all about:

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my bed

Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone

‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything”

Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

Let me tell you something: this song must be the next national anthem fro every single country in this world. However, right now a question pops up in my mind, like those doubtful advertisings on some sites. And the question is: are lazy people the best or the worst?

Lazy people are the best people ever. But, there a huge different, between lazy people and those who don’t want to do anything. You should stay away from the second ones, and be very close to the first ones.

I don’t know if it’s a urban myth or the truth, but it seems that Bill Gates is more prone to hires lazy people rather than smart people. And even the reason is amazing. According to this myth, Mr. Gate loves lazy people, because “they will find always a way to make the job in the shortest amount of time possible”. And that’s the first point.

Lazy People and Time

In our day we have something like 16 hours a day to live. Even if 16 hours EVERY DAY seem a lot of time, it is not at all! And we all know it. How many times we come back home and we think ” Oh, today i did nothing of what i planned!” That’s because you are not lazy. A lazy person would have found a way to spare time. Instead of walking he or she would have used a car (not good of the environment, but great tool to spate time). Maybe he would have said no to the following request “hey, i am organising a party, would you come?”. Or he or she would have eat something easy, because there’s no time to waste time in long lunches or dinners.

Lazy People At Home

Cleaning a house every single day is not an option. Maybe once a week. “I don’t waste my time to keep an house perfectly clean. Some dust is ok” those people would say. “If someone is allergic just doesn’t come in my house. he or she better call me. In this way i spare also time and energy to think what to do or prepare” they will also say. So true!
Laundry is to do only when necessary. A lazy person doesn’t change clothes every single day or doesn’t have a shower every single morning. It’s too much effort. Twice a week and it’s all fine. When the lazy person is at home, he or she changes only once a week. They don’t want to think what to wear. They wear the first thing they find in the closet and it’s all fine.

Lazy People and Shopping

Shopping at the supermarket or some other shopping is to do ONLY online. It’s too time and energy consuming drive to the next supermarket and buy some food or clothes. I stay home and order everything online. Especially in winter is something pretty handy…but also in summer. Well, every time of the year is perfect to sit on the couch and buy things online. And even on online shop the lazy person sees the world different. He doesn’t look too often for the offers of the week. He or she will look at them only when this offers are right in the homepage. Otherwise he or she doesn’t care too much to compare product from different supermarket. Too much time consuming. Lazy people have something else to do.

Lazy people invented things

Those wonderful souls have always a easy solution for every problem. And lazy people are those, who have brought the world one step forwards. Just take a look of all the invention, the good and the bad ones. Those invention were created by lazy people. Don’t you believe me? Just take a look of the following example:


With the Airplane the lazy people won the jackpot. Whright Brother wanted to prove a point: a man can fly. Well, Boeing and Airbus have used this invention to allow people to travel all over the world without walking or spending too much time on a ground vehicle. You take your sit on the airplane, take a nap and someone will bring you where you want to. That’s the perfect definition of being lazy!

Atomic Bomb.

Atomic Bomb is a sad page of history created by a lazy group of people. In war, killing people is a too much time and energy consuming activity. “Is there a way to do that sitting in our office?” lazy generals have thought. “Yes, with a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental missile” lazy scientist have answered. With just one click an army can destroy a city…we have seen it. That’s freaking scary, but also totally lazy.


Phone have saved my and many others day so many times. “Listen, do i have to really dress my body, walk and meet another person outside?” i thought often. “You don’t want to” answered my brain. I felt too good laying on my sofa.
I am sure that Meucci, when invented the phone, thought “There must be a way to talk with someone without leaving my house and my couch.” Well, technically Meucci invented the phone to talk with his sick wife. However, it was a lazy person. He could walk in her room, but he invented something to communicate with that poor and and in pain woman, without moving a single muscle. That’s the definition of a Lazy Person.


I know: typewriter is a unexpected choice. In the beginning people use to write on stones. It was a very dark moment of our history, where people were too active. Then we had the paper and the ink. That was ridiculous. I mean, feather and inkwell? Really? People in the past had no idea how to live! Then, finally a very lazy person invented something that have open the way for amazing things: the typewriter. People could write things way much faster. Decades later we have Microsoft Office and computers. A lazy person like me can only be grateful to live in a world where technology is so useful!


I don’t know if Bill Gates’ story is right or wrong. However one thing is sure: lazy people controls the world. Every single invention was created to both to make our lives easier and to get the job done way much faster. The results is to have lot of time where we can do whatever we want. And this philosophy is a mindset of a lazy person…someone like me: do thing in the shortest amount of time possible and lay on bed the rest of the time! That’s a wonderful life!

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