Monthly Blog Review: January 2022.

This is technically my second full month of blogging activity. So, it’s time for a Monthly Blog Review! How was January? Well, it was weird. Actually i don’t know how to right describe it in just one word. Let me explain it a little bit better.

Monthly Review: My community did not increase as i expected.

I ended last year with 53 followers. So, in one and a half month, i gained one follower a day, more or less. In the entire month of January i gained 3 followers. I waited much better results, to be honest. At least i expected the same growth rate (one follower every day average). I don’t know if it depends from my content, the timing or WordPress Algorithm decides that i am worthy to be recommended. Anyway, i struggle a lot. The only three followers i gained where actually three people i have followed first. Technically, they were not “true” followers, but someone who followed me back. Let’s see if the month of February will be better or not!

Monthly Review: Search Engine Optimisation.

In the second half of January i started to the care of my posts. I needed it. As soon i have implement the SEO, i realised that i was miles away from the standard i needed to take to make sure that the search engine (and Worpdress) could understand what i was writing. Since day one with the SEO, i have seen a light increase of the traffic on my blog, allowing me to make a little step forward. Again, nothing serious or incredible, but i could see it. More than that, my post look way much better: all my posts are now much easier to read, good organised and they look good. On top of that, with the SEO i had to change the way i write a little bit. The same style, but a different way to write the sentences.

Monthly Review: Growth and Trend

My weekly development since day one

The last four weeks are the January week. As you can see i have had a light increase of the numbers. Nothing to be absolutely thrilled of, but i am pretty satisfied of the month overall. It started pretty slow the first week (it was still an holiday week), but then i had a constant growth in the following two week and the the situation was stable in the last two weeks. The third last week was the week where i implemented the SEO on my blog. As you can see, that makes a pretty big different. We’ll see in February how the SEO will help me to reach more people in an entire month. However, looking January, compared to December and November, the development is pretty massive.

My monthly development since day one

Monthly Review: Likes and Comment

My monthly Likes
My monthly Comments

The trend is very promising. Views can be actually random and everyone can come into my blog and read. The best part is when people leave a like or a comment. That’s what’s important in my blog. Actually that’s my goal: reaching as much people as possible and grow with them through dialogue. And it’s actually happening. The number of like is growing very fast and also the comments are from month to month more and more. I really happy about it. It means that, despite the hard time to get followers, i have decent content in my blog. That’s good and give me much more motivation to keep going and improve. Let’s see what February will bring.

New blog’s layout.

I have a brand new blogs layout. I liked the old one, and i thought it was good in the very beginning. But i always wanted a place where users could have a lot of content to choose. And i finally found one. It’s pretty easy to use, in the homepage there are a lot of post you can read and i am pretty happy with the results. For a while i can live with it. Will see in six or seven month if it’s still so.


That’s pretty it. For January i think i have said everything i needed to say. Overall i can’t complain. I have a decent growth on like, views and comments. However, i am pretty disappointed that i wasn’t able to gain the followers i wanted. That’s something i need to take a closer look and see if i can do something about it.

In the very end, i want thank all my followers and those who interact with me personally (through and comment), with my post (with a like) or with both! Let’s see what February will bring!

See ya


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