F1 Testing 2022: No TV In Barcelona

We haven’t even seen the cars be introduces to the world yet, and we have already the very first “weird move” from Formula One. For whatever reason, the first F1 Testing in Barcelona, in the end of February, will take place without television. And this move is on one side odd, on the other side pretty alarming. Let’s see together why!

F1 Testing without televisions.

Since few years, the winter test were always on television or on streaming. For example, in 2018 and 2019 i was able to watch the both years’ winter test live every single day. For some weird reason, this year the first testing session will be off camera. Any journalist is not allowed to get into the track. Only Formula One workers. There’s no even the opportunity to see a live timing. Absolutely nothing. Formula 1 promised that the will upload to their social media the highlights of the day. Technically the are censoring themselves. Which is odd. Especially thinking about all the sponsors and what Formula One has been doing until today to convince people to watch the race. Why are they doing this?

F1 Testing: Disappointment is around the corner.

The very first time we have heard of this “revolution” was 2019. During a press conference Ross Brawn, technical director of Formula One, introduces a scale model of the 2021 car (2022 now, because of Covid). It’s not only the car itself, that looks completely different than we are used, but also the word he used. From that moment on, there was a mantra repeated like a broken record: closer and better racing, much more excitement for the fans. For the last three years Formula One has been telling us that this car “are a revolution made just for the fans”!

Maybe, with this “marketing move, Formula One did a huge mistake: they sell the 2022 technical regulation as a “game-changer, life-saver move”. It was like “Formula One is in big trouble and are going to change the entire game!”. It seemed that Formula One has no Plan B: either the car will deliver or it’s game over. It’s a lot to say. There’s too much expectation and too much pressure. If Formula One delivers, it’s all good. The fans will be happy and races will be awesome. What if Formula One doesn’t deliver? Well, it would be funny to watch and hear people around the world insulting, screaming and yelling at Formula One entirely, no one excluded.

F1 Testing: Worries around the performances.

It’s a completely new car. Any team didn’t have the opportunity to test it before 2022. We have been talking about the new era for a long time now, but in the last three seasons none of the team in Formula One had the opportunity to test anything. I know that is complicated to organise a test like this. But if you, Formula One organisation, say that “something like that never happened before”, you should at least give the team the opportunity to collect some data in real life. Wind tunnels and computer are great, but driving a car on track is a completely another story. That’s the big problem Formula One has.

They have just a huge fear that, what they thought, won’t work. Or it will work, but not as expected. It can happen, especially by something so new like that. However, not allowing the broadcast of the first winter session test doesn’t make so much sense. Being worried is fine, but make sure that the world doesn’t know what’s happening on track is alarming. Formula One is giving the impression that they know something we don’t know. Maybe there will be a huge problem in the car itself and they want to mask it, before it’s too late. So, they put a “black curtain” on the first three days of winter test, to make sure that everything is fine, avoiding any king of poor figure if something will go wrong.

I don’t know. This kind of censorship never happened before. We need to be careful in the next days and especially during and after the first session of winter test.


It’s in Formula One’s right to do that. Don’t get me wrong! Formula One can do whatever it wants with its products, but this choice allows to think and talk a lot. I don’t know. I just hope that everything will be fine and in Barhain we will have a nice winter test session with no big issues whatsoever. Otherwise, We are gonna have a huge problem…and lot to talk about.

Creating so much hype around something, without being sure that this thing works, it never good. Well see…

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