Future: An Egg Today or a Chicken Tomorrow?


“What’s better: an egg today or a chicken tomorrow?”. When i was in Italy i have heard this question a lot of time. And all the time by brain exploded, because i could not find a solution. What was better? An egg or a chicken? I could not choose. Only recently i realised that this question was not only a joke, but something way much deeper than that! It’s about present and future!

A question for the future!

This question was not a joke or a way to have some kind of fun with your friends. It was a test basically. With this question was tested your vision of the future. What’s more important: thinking about the present or about the future?

Today is more important than your future.

You go for the egg. In the moment you are choosing, you thing that an egg today is much more important that a chicken tomorrow. It could be a wise choice. I mean, if you are starving and someone will give you an egg too eat, what would you do? You take it and you eat it. There’s only one little problem. We are talking about just one egg. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody is telling you that in the future you have the opportunity to have another egg you can eat.

Once you eat the egg you have in your hand right now, it’s over. No more food for you. Maybe your stomach will be happy for a while, but then it will come back, asking you for some food again. What would you do in that moment? You will not have another egg to eat. The future will be a little bit too dark…

You invest everything in your future.

I will work on the egg!

Or you will answer “i will go for the chicken”. That’s interesting. You are telling us that you are ready to sacrifice your present and you stomach for something bigger in the future. As soon as you choose not to eat that egg, you are taking a big risk. I mean, nobody is telling you that from that egg will come out a chick. Maybe that egg is not in the condition to give you a chick. Or maybe that chick will not survive. In that case, what you are going to do? Are you sure to risk your future? And in the meantime your stomach will beg you to cook that egg. But you won’t.

The chicken is there!

You thing “Well, my stomach is in pain, but i can resist!” So, you will sacrifice your physical health to cure that egg. One day, a chick will born and you will there, giving all the attention it will need. Few months later, you will have a healthy and amazing chicken. In this moment you can eat her, it would be an option, given the fact that your stomach is in big troubles. Or you can use her. And when i say use her, i mean, use the eggs she will give you. With all the eggs you have, you can make your stomach happy and have more chickens. With more chickens, you will have more eggs. At one point you will have so much eggs and chickens, that you can also sell those eggs to other people.

You have technically sacrificed a little bit of your time and physical condition, but in the end you are able to provide food for yourself and also for the others. I get that! The pain and suffer you have felt, due to the hunger, was big. But look what you have right now! Hunger is not something you will feel again! In that moment you will not have to choose between a chicken or an egg, because you can have both, in large quantity, by the way!


Thinking of the present is good. I mean, you don’t take care of yourself in the present you will never have any kind of future. However, there are moment in time, where you have to sacrifice your present to work on the long term. Maybe you will suffer, you will have very bad days, but in the end you can have everything you need and even more!

What’s more important: an egg today or a chicken tomorrow? In less word: what’s more important: take care of the present of invest it for your future?

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