The Team: How To Build it?

It’s been a long time since i talked about building a business. I don’t know, but i had no inspiration to talk about it. Now i have it, so here we are! I think that we should do a little bit of recap, because it’s quite a while. Previously on “Ironically All-Rounder”: we have talk about the reason behind the choice to become a business-may, about Marketing, about the products and the place. Now, i would love to talk about the team you need to have to become successful.

The best team is a very hard thing to build. It’s not something you create in one day and everything will be fine forever. To avoid any kind of disasters, what do you need to have around you the best possible combination of human being? Oh, that’s a one-million-question. Not because it’s very hard to find an answer to, but because we are talking about a puzzle, where all the pieces must be in the right place, at the right time.

Team: What you are looking for?

Not all the team are the same, because the team leaders are not the same. There are leaders who loves to delegate and do nothing but a simple supervision of the team. Others, on the other side, need to have the job in their hands and the team is there for just a support. Howevery, everything has to turn around the one who decides. The Team must be there to help the decision-maker to move always forwards and have biggest success possible. The team has to serve the leader, not the contrary. If the leader has to serve the team, the people chosen are not right for the position.

Beyond that, the team building process depends also on the industry the leader wants to work: movies industry is different than the gaming industry, for example. Those two industries move differently, change differently and need different people to ge the job done. Talking about people, it’s crucial to understand if there are enough workforces and talents, who want to work in the industry. Just imagine the situation: you opens your company, but you don’t find someone, because nobody wants to work for you or in that industry. Your idea will probably fail in less than a year. Your vision can be the best EVER, innovating and perfect as much as you want, but if in the industry there are not the right people, your job will be ten times harder.

Team: Planning phase.

Once you realise that your idea is the right one and the industry is healthy workerwise, don’t even think for one second to hire people randomly and see what happens. Don’t be so stupid! It doesn’t work like that and it has not to work like that. It’s doesn’t make any kind of sense whatsoever and it’s a huge waste of time and money. And we know that time and money are things you don’t have in unlimited quantity in the beginning.

It’s crucial to plan what kind of leader you want to be. Do you want to be one who shares or one who doesn’t share? If you don’t know what kind of leadership you want, you can’t also start to think which taske will be your respoinsabilty and which you will delegate. Once you have figured out what kind of leader you want to be, you can start with the creation of your “dream team”.

First, be careful the size of the team. You can’t probably afford a football team. I know, there a lot to do and alone it’s hard. But you don’t have the money to hire hundred people. The trick is to look carefully in the present. Think of the department you need to start with and how many people you need. Start from there. You can still hire new people when you will need. For the start, the less, the better.

how many people do you need?

It depends of how you want to make money.

If you seel goods, you need a sales manager, a purchasing department with one person, one warehouse clerk and one worker for the delivery. If you seel goods, 4 people are more than enough to start. For the marketing and accounting you can pay someone outside the company.

If you sell services, the entire sales and purchasing departments are to forget. You need a well working marketing department, a secretary for your appointments, maybe another one who helps you with the clients or with the work. In case of gaming, you would need another one who will help you with the creation of the games. If you seel services, 3 people are plenty to have a decent start. Also here you can pay an accounting firm and a manager expert.

Team: Salaries and other costs.

Once you, theoretically have thought about the size of your team, the question now is the following: can i afford it? Is for you affordable in the medium/long terms to hire 3 or four people? I would like to remember you that you will have no income in the beginning…or at least it will not big enough to cover neither the salaries, nor all the other costs you will have. To open something serious you need money. Either you are rich, and in that case i am wondering why you want to work, or you have to ask money by the bank. But that’s another story. We are here now to create your team.

Team: Why do you need to hire people?

Even if you are in the beginning, you have to put yourself ten years from now. How your company will be? I think it’s pretty obvious. I mean, you don’t open a company and close it in few month. It would be ridicolous. So, i am sure you have in mind a well-organised company with all the departments separated, but connected. This is how a medium-big company should be.

Your problem is that if you become big, and you will become big, you will need people. This people must be teached how the company works. If you have no one with you, you have to do it. With everything you have to do, you have to do also that. If you hire yout team since day one, and the company will get bigger, your team will spend time to teach the new employees how the company works. In the meantime, you can continue to do your job.


Finding the right team is crucial to have success. The right person will make a huge difference between a healthy company or a company with huge problems. More than that, your work will be way much easier. If you take care of this “problem” in the most professional and honest way, you will reach the moon with all the people you will work with. Trust me!

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