Gay Family: Is It So Bad?

Gay families are always something “controversial”. As long a gay couple have fun together is everything fine, but when that couple wants to become a family is outrageous. I am wondering: what’s more important? The law, the nature or religion? Because when we talk about straight couple, the law it’s the only thing that matter. Religion and nature NEVER come into the discussion. As soon as we talk about gay couple, all of a sudden, religion and nature are the only things that matter. Laws NEVER comes into the discussion. It’s for me a little bit confusing. What’s the best side to look at the situation? The law, the nature or religion?

Gay Family: the Religious side of the story

For the religion side of the story, there’s only one couple: a man and a woman. Any other kind of couples is forbidden, not wanted and even unthinkable. God created a man and a woman to make sure that Humanity can prosper. I don’t know you, but i have a big problem with the Bible. It was written by men, not by God itself. I have very hard time to believe in it. As far as i am concern, God doesn’t exist and the Bible was a timeless literally masterpiece created by human for human. Without any proof that God was on planet Earth and hired a Ghostwriter to celebrate through a book what he did, i continue to have my doubts about the entire “religious point of view about love”. There are two other reason why the religion should not say anything about marriage.

how Mary got pregnant.

Mary and Joseph were together. It was the classic couple where he was very old and she was very young. Technically i am not quite sure if Joseph was able to get the job done. As some point, however, the Archangel Gabriel came to Earth, telling Mary that God was about to get her pregnant. Technically Jesus is not Joseph’s son. I don’t want to say that it was cheating, because Mary was a virgin, but neither Joseph did what he had to do. The religious people are fine with the idea that God gets pregnant other wives (going against the rule he decided “), but they are not fine with Gay couple. Don’t you believe me about God breaking its own laws? That’s what says the tenth Commandment:

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.

And what did he do? He got the “neighbor’s wife” pregnant. I mean, why her? She could choose any other woman, but she choose her, so he “covet a neighbor’s wife”. This is a clear example of breaking the law…or being an hypocrite.

Violence in the couple.

The religion doesn’t like gay families, but it’s fine with straight families where there’s violence, both physically and mentally? So, it doesn’t really matter if, in the couple, the man or the woman does despicable thing against the partner, or against the kid, what’s matter is that the parents are not gay? I mean, are religious people serious? They condemn Gay families, but if a woman die because of a violent man they are like “Well, it happens!” You have a very twisty way to see the world.

Gay Family: The Nature side of the story.

For other people, gay family are a forcing of the nature. Seriously, people, what have you drunk? Do you really want to talk about nature right now? Well, in the nature, fishes and mammals are often in a gay relationship. I’m not kidding. More than that, you talk about nature. Well, how about artificial insemination or uterus for rent? Even those things are a forcing the nature! Yes, those two MEDICAL TREATMENT are against the nature, if you want to put it on that level. Allowing a woman to have baby, when she NATURALLY can’t is against the nature! But we accept them.

If a woman NATURALLY is not able to have kid, she should not have kid NATURALLY. End of the story. That’s what the nature say, am i right? If, for you, the nature is so important, those poor ladies should not be helped. But we help those women. What the difference between a woman that have a baby artificially and a gay couple?

Gay Family: The legal side of the story.

We are a society. As a society, we have decided certain rules to protect ourselves and our freedoms. We did it because the religion and nature have failed miserably when they managed humanity. So, at one point we decided that it was better for us that a parliament and a constitution would have ruled they way we live our lives. We were all agreed and we are still all agree with that. The best is yet to come, though.

Every single constitution says something specific “Every single citizens have the same right, duty and must have equal opportunities. Above that, every single citizens is equal in front of the law.” In addition to the law, we have all our freedoms to auto determinate ourselves. With these simple things, Gay couple have the right to marry and have a family with the person they love the most. There’s no discussion about it. It’s their right to pronounce the word “Yes” and they have the freedom to live their lives however they want, with whoever they want. There are laws and their freedoms to allow them to do that. The funny part is that we condemn some countries, because people are not free there, but we want to limit someone else’s freedom in our country.


Listen, we have given religion and nature plenty of time to prove that they were good enough to lead a community in the best possible way. They failed. When the moment of the law comes, it showed clearly that it was the right decision to make. And we are all agree with that. You can’t say now “laws are good for everyone, but not for gay!”. Either everyone or anyone. Don’t you love the idea that two people in love spend their life together? Well, can you tell me why are you married or you are looking for the perfect partner? Because we are talking about love right here. And we always say that love is an universal word and value. So, it means also for gay couple. If you don’t like that, Mars is wating for you!

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