Google Ads: a Good Way To Make Money?

Time ago i told you the possible ways to make money through a blog. It was just a list, that i am trying to expand with dedicated posts. I talked already about the collaboration and the premuin content. Now, we are going to talk about the most used way to make money: the Google Adsense. You know…the banner you see on the site you love the most. Are Ads by Google a good way to make money?

Well, The Google Ads are a way to make money. Although for lot of people are very recommended, in my opinion is not exactly the best way. Let me explain you why.

Where All the banners are is one of the problem!

If you have your own website and you create it with a programmer, you can define where to put the advertising to be the less invasive possible. If you, like me, have created its own website on WordPress, using a theme created by a third person, you don’t have too much room to define where to put the banners. Based of the theme you choose, you may have banners on the side, between the posts in the homepage or right in the middle of every single post.

However, it doesn’t really matter where those banners are, they very often always invasive. The main problem is that they often big enough to annoy me and destroy my experience reading a post. It can be a very good article, but if i have to “fight” with the advertising, because they are everywhere, i just close the website. I know that people wants to earn as much as possible, but it’s not good to have more banners than words.

It’s not even good for your wallet, because people can say “there’s good stuff there, but it’s impossible to read!”. I would rather not have any kind of banners than people spreading a bad rumours about my website.

Google Ads are the easiest way to make money. You write and publish your content. Google will thing about everything else. It sounds simple and it’s also simple…or not? The problem here is that you are not in control of which advertising is on your blog. The advertising is based on what you talk and sometimes on your users’ behave in Internet. Which means that not everything is related to you directly. You can’t decide to put one brand’s advertising or the other. It’s impossible. You need to hope that Google is nice with you and the users search for things that paid a lot through advertising (like finance or insurance, for example). If you talk about games and the users loves games, you will not have a huge income.

You have a blog. Which means that you have opened your private Internet space to talk about everything you want. So, you are here because you don’t to have anyone who can tell you what to say and how you say it. Well, you can don it as long as you don’t have advertisings on your blog. Once you decide to work with Google everything will change. You will not be in the position to say whatever you want. Why? Because advertisers don’t like “not-family-friendly” content. Sexuality, pornography, alcohol, drugs and violence are not argument you should talk about. Better not! You can still do that, but say “bye bye” to the money, because Google will NEVER make you rich.

Google Ads paid for every single time a viewer see the advertising or click on it. That’s true. Technically, the more viewers, the more money. There are one problems. For every click, the amount of money is very different. You can read in Internet that it can be either some cents or up to 15 dollars every click. If you have a blog with very poor traffic, you will not earn anything. If you have a successful blog, you can make pretty good money. But you need to work hard to get to the point where you can make the blogging your full time activity. The only way you can make tons of money is to have a community with thousand of active followers. If you don’t have it, better to wait a little bit to quit your job.

Beside that, we all know that a community is not made by machine, but by people. There are months where you have a huge traffic, because they all have time, and moment where nobody’s home. Even the contents plays a role. If the community loves something more than other, you will make maybe much more money with a post written in five minutes than the post written in few hours. Google Ads is very unpredictable, nothing stable or something you can count on to plan something on it!


In my opinion, Ads by Google is a good way to make fast money if you have a blog. It’s also the easiest ways: you post, Google pays. The problem is that you are not in control and you might not earn that much. They are still money, something we don’t throw in the garbage. But you should use them not to buy a house, but to improve your blog. Maybe you need to buy a new computer, maybe a microphone, maybe some pictures. I don’t know, Google Ads is perfect for something like that. If you really want to make the big money, there are other ways, like merchandising or even partnerships.

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