Creativity: How to Be Always Full of Ideas!

At some point will be your creativity completely gone? Well, welcome to the club! Probably one of the biggest club in the world. It doesn’t matter what you do fo living (a musician, a poetry or a writer) one day you will sit on your desk and you will say “Oh, that’s odd! I don’t know what to say!” No, you are not sick. No, you haven’t lost your creativity all of a sudden. It’s just a moment in time where your brain refuses to work. Is there any chance to avoid that lack of creativity?

Lack of creativity belongs to blogging.

No, there’s no way you will avoid it for your entire life. It’s just impossible. One day you will be there and you will start to have huge problem to find new thing to write. It’s life and we are all human being. The more you specialised yourself in some topic, the more trouble you will have to find new thing to write. That’s natural. Every single blogger in this world has live, is living, or will live this moments. It’s not that bad after all. The key is to take the situation with the right spirit and see the things from the right perspective. Luckily for your, there are thing you can do to make those moments very shorts and to let happen with a very low frequence.

Slow down, tiger!

You are maybe so in love with blogging that you write every day or even more times a day. I can fully understand you. Every time i wake up, the only thing i can think of is writing and new things to share with my community. It’s sometimes like an addiction, you know! However, even if you have this deep love with blogging, you will have huge problem to keep creativity alive for so long, especially if you publish seven or even more times a week.

You don’t need to write so much. Just calm down. I’m not saying you have to stop writing. I’m just saying to publish less. Post the half and the rest keep it aside. Maybe you will have two months where you are fully focused and you can’t stop writing. In this months you will write maybe 80 posts. Just don’t. Publish 40 and keep the other 40 aside. As soon as you realised that you will have struggle finding new ideas, use what you spared and publish it. For your community you will look like a machine, but in truth you are maybe enjoying a little bit of rest behind the scene. It’s all good.

creativity: Find something else to do.

Doing only one thing your entire day can be pretty boring. At one point your brain will refuse to work with. It’s just too much being every day, all day in front a computer or having this very long brainstorming phase to find the next big thing. It’s exhausting. Just stop once in a while. If your community doesn’t hear from you for a couple of days it’s not the end of the world. You can still talk to them through social media. Your blog can wait. It’s not the only thing that matter.

It’s crucial for you to let your mind rest for a little bit. Maybe watching television, painting, sleeping, taking a walk can help your brain to reset and be able to come back stronger than ever. You can love blogging as much as you want, but your brain is not an tireless machine. At one point it will tell you “Oh, man! Take a rest, because up here things are getting pretty tired!”. We all want to be successful as fast we can possibly can, but without a working brain, you ain’t go nowhere!.

creativity: fell free to tell whatever you want!

Don’t stat with the idea that you have to be like the others. Please, don’t do that mistake. Because you will start to follow trends or, even worse, you will start to copy other more successful blogger or content creators. This is a sick game, where you will be the only loser. The bigger blogger will continue to be big, and you will be there, hating your blog and what you do. Express yourself. That’s your motto. It doesn’t matter if you talk about only one topic, or more than one. The key is to do what you love the most. Success will come.

If you are good, creative and you have a clear talent in writing and communicate with the other, people will start to be aware of you and your work. Finding an audience or creating a community might be your last problem. People don’t have idea what they need, as long as they don’t see it. I mean, the world didn’t need Selena Gomez, before she made her debut, but now the world loves her. Say whatever you want and however you want. If it’s meant to be, you will be someone. Otherwise, you will be happy while you do your hobby!

Find someone to follow

Being alone is not a good idea. Creativity and inspiration can come from everywhere. I have witness myself this kind of thing. At one point, Lily Anne “helped” me ti find an inspiration to write a post, that people have appreciated. Follow other bloggers, read their content, leave a comment with your point of view. Be open to every single feedback, even the one less positive. You can know previous where the idea can hit you. If you just start saying that “all the other are boring” or “everyone is different from you”, you have already lost. Follow also blogger with a completely different blog. You will never know!

Be curios.

I know that you love only one thing and you want to talk about it all day. The problem is that maybe one day the things to say will end. Which will leave you completely empty-handed. Don’t focus your attention to only your main topic, but try to get interested to other arguments. Maybe you can find something different you like and you can add it on your offer. In this way you can have a little bit of distraction with the main topic and you can try different things, making your hobby (or full-time job) more interesting and exciting.


Avoiding the lack of inspiration can be pretty easy. Actually is very easy. If you follow these advices, maybe you can have a very long period of time where you will produce so much that you can post for an entire year, without writing a word for 12 months long.

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