WrestleMania 38: The Journey Begins!

With the Royal Rumble started officially the “Road to Wrestlemania”. All the performers both on Raw and on SmackDown will fight to have a spot for the “Showcase of the immortal”, THE MOST IMPORTANT show in the entire wrestling and sport entertaining universe. And, with the Raw after the Royal Rumble, chaos has begun. Because now, everything is getting a little bit more complicated than expected!

To clearly understand what’s going on, we need to understand the “rule” around the Royal Rumble. The winner of the Man and Woman’s Royal Rumble match will be automatically in the main event of Wrestlemania. More than that, the two winner can decide which champions to face in that match.

So, the winner of the Man’s Royal Rumble can decide between the WWE Universal Championship (on SmackDown) and the WWE World HeavyWeight Championship (On Raw).
The Winner of the Woman’s Royal Rumble can decide between the Raw Women’s championship or the SmackDown Women’s championship.

With that been said, let’s see how the Road to Wrestlemania started.

The Man’s side of the Road to Wrestlemania

Brock Lesnar won the Royal Rumble match. Which means that he can choose which champion to challenge. People said it was obvious and boring. I thing it’s fascinating to see where WWE wants to go now. On Raw, however, he declared already that he will fight the WWE Universal Champions Roman Reign at Wrestlemania. But he wanted a rematch after he lost against Bobby Lashley (the WWE World Heavyweight Champions) at the Royal Rumble. Of, course Lashley declined, because he’s not stupid.

But in the next Pay per View “Elimination Chamber” Bobby Lashley will defend the title inside the Elimination Chamber. And Brock Lesnar will be in the match as well. It’s only a matter of time before to see those two titans collide again. The problem is that this match is fought by six people. Which means that Lesnar might not become the WWE World Heavyweight Champions anyway. It’s interesting because if Lesnar wins the championship, we wll fight Roman Reing at Wrestlemania and it will be “Champion vs Champion” match. And this scenario is not so highly remote. We know how strong Lesnar is. He actually survive to the chamber as last and win the title.

Few years ago i would say “Oh No, not Brock!” In 2022, i would say “Goddamn, i want to see Brock as a champion!

The woman’s side of the Road to Wrestlemania

Ronda Rousey won the Woman’s Royal Rumble. It was a surprise, giving the fact that she was out for several months, due to her pregnancy. That win is a freaking game changer and a pretty interesting idea. Because she got “unfinished business” with both champions: Charlotte Flair (the SmackDown women’s champions) and Becky Lynch (The Raw women’s Championsh).

On Raw Becky Lynch asked Ronda who she chose for Wrestlemania. But Becky didn’t get the answer, because Ronda wants to visit Charlotte on SmackDown on Friday. In the meantime, out of nowhere, Lita (All of Famer and multiple times world Champion) tricked Becky Lynch to have a title match at the Elimination Chamber. If Becky will lose the match (i highly doubt it), Lita can be the title defender at wrestlemania. Who Knows? Maybe she will fight against Becky Linch, maybe against Ronda Rousey. Lita mixed thing a little bit up. Because her win can open a lot of possible scenarios.


In both Rosters (male and female) there’s a lot of uncertainty, because two of four titles will be on the line in few weeks time in the “Elimination Chamber” Pay per View. There’s the high change to see new champions, which means that things can be very different from now. I’m quite thrilled to see the next Pay per View and the future development of the stories to get to Wrestlemania.

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