Friends: Do We Really Know Them?


In our lives we are surrounded by people. Some of them will be completely stranger for the entire life. Other will follow us for a short period and then will be gone. Other will stay in our lives forever. And you will call them friends. With some of them we share great memories. With other we shared bad ones. The question is: are you sure to know them?

Friends: Talking might not be enough.

We are all able to speak. I mean, even a toddler speaks. The big problem is the effort we need to let people understand what we want to say. You can measure the effort you have to do counting the words. The more words you will use, the less you know each other. There are people who know each other for years and they need a huge amount of words. And i personally know people who don’t need a single word to understand each other. If you really know someone, words will be useless. The only thing you need is a look or a facial expression to tell a story long hundreds of pages. I knew best friends who talk in this way on the phone (That’s a real conversation i personally heard).

“Hey! Beer?
“See you Later”

Less then 10 words and they already know what to do and when to do! And those two met each other in the right place, at the right time. Also from this things you can understand if you know someone very well or not!

Friends: Looking better than asking.

If you know someone you don’t even need to ask question like “Are you Ok?”, “Are you happy?” or “What do you think about it?” Those words are useless if that person is very close to you. As soon as you see his or her eyes you will see exactly what’s going on. There’s no way in life that two “best friends” will ask to each other “How are you!”. Maybe you will hear question like “You look sad today! What’s going on!” You don’t need to ask his or her emotion inside of his or her mind. Those emotion are already pretty clear. You want to know the reason behind it, because you want to help him or her to get better. If you ask “How are you?” you are not even remotely close to know that close friend as you suppose to.

Friends: Be ready to listen.

Talking is one thing. Thing gets pretty hard when we have to listen. Why is it so hard to listen? When your close friend comes to you, is because he or she needs a help. Maybe not a help, because he or she’s in trouble. That poor person just needs someone to talk, because he needs to. He or she needs to take our of his or her chest something. It can be something positive or something negative. If you are a REAL FRIEND you have to be there, no matter what! Be patient and stay there for as long as it needs. There’s no “i have no time”, “sorry, i can do that!”, knowing that it’s a lie. If you really care of someone, you don’t lie to him or her. Is it so hard to be a good human being?

Because one day we will be in the position to need some help. If you are there, you might have the help you gave first. If you were not there to help, forget about the help: you don’t deserve it!


We don’t know the people around us. Usually we call them often friends, but it’s a lie. We have no idea what they are going through. Maybe it’s because we don’t have time, or we don’t have the will to know. The matter of fact is that we think to know someone, but we don’t. It’s sad. Because one day we will live the situation, where this person will surprise us. And in this moment we will say “Oh, you will never know someone!” It’s because you didn’t want to.

If you had the will to know someone for real, you would not be surprised by those you call so proudly “friends”!

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