Is Fitness Very Necessary?

I have already told in this post my opinion about being in shape. Right now i want to ask you the following thing: is it fitness very necessary? Because that’s my thought. Fitness studios, fitness trainer and every single person around fitness is telling us basically that without a gym and specific products we will never be happy and confident. I am wondering, is it though? Is fitness the only way to be positive with our lives?

Fitness: The Controversy of being in shape.

You have trouble with the other, because your mind and thoughts are not healthy. It’s not about the fact that you are curvy. The problem is that you think that people think that being curvy is not good. And you start this sick game where you have to lose weight at any cost, even if you don’t need it. Only because you are so desperately in need of someone appreciation. Someone who tells you that “you are perfect just the way you are!”

Those words don’t have to come out from a stranger’s mouth. That words have to be in your mind already, in the exact moment you are looking yourself in the mirror. You define who you are. It’s a phrase heard too many times now, but it’s exactly that. Although people use catchphrases like “#beyourself”, “#loveyourself”, just to make some more like, it’s all true. You have to be yourself, you have to love yourself and you have to think that you are divine being.

I do. I love myself, maybe too much, i try to be myself every time and i think to be a God. Am i too confident? What can i say? This is who i am. For that reason i don’t need to go to the gym. But i try every single day to stay fit. And my “staying fit” doesn’t have nothing to do with my body.

Fitness: Goal of being in shape.

Nowadays, people want to define their body to make sure to look in the best possible way. Especially in summer, where bodies are not so covered. Technically we want to be in shape for the others. Men and women go to the gym because they are worried. They are worried of other’s opinions, other’s look and other’s words. My question is: should “the others” be the reason to go to the gym? To be more specific: is it worthy spending time, energy and money to be appreciated? Because this is all about: other’s appreciation through your body.

My useless opinion? No, it’s not worthy. For me, fitness is not worthy the time, the effort and the money. We are working too much on our body, that we forget that the biggest problem is our mind. That’s the goal of being in shape: having the right body and the right thoughts in our minds. That’s what for me means being in shape.

Fitness: Healthy mind means healthy body

You are maybe fat, or you feel in that way. In that moment, you start to get mentally sick, because you start to compare yourself to the others. You open your social media and see the different between you and the others. And those others have perfectly body, with huge smiles on their faces, or they are just look super confident. You think “They have it all!” They have money, success, a partner on their side and the life you always wanted. You will get even more mentally sick. So, you will lose control of your body, because you are not so focused on yourself anymore. You are there, complaining about the fact that you are fat!

So, you go to the gym. I tell you this: with the wrong mentality you will never reach anything. The gym will not give you the results you wanted. Not because your body is stupid. It’s because you wanted results in a to less short amount of time. So, you give up and you will start to hate yourself. You will never be happy and you will never be able to love anyone, because you will feel unworthy someone else’s love.

Is there a way out from all of this? Yes, it depends if you want that!

Being mentally in shape…

This is the very first step you have to do, even before to thing to get eventually to the gym. You need to start to watch yourself in the mirror and say “i’m good! No, i’m great!” Stop watching social media. They are garbage, because it’s all fake. Every single smile, pose or location is created to put that voice in your mind that will tell “i wan to be like that!”. You don’t want to be like that! You want to be the best version of yourself. That’s the mentality you need to be perfectly in shape. Then, only then, you can thing that you can go to the gym! Not because the world needs you in a certain way. It’s because you want to change. There’s nothing wrong with changes. The problem is always the reason behind them.

Will change the way you look your body.

Yes it will. You will not even notice it, but you will start to eat differently, to talk differently and live differently. The change will be for you invisible, but there will be. Not because you wanted, but because your brain is healthy. Your mind will lead you in a position in your life where you will be in shape. You will be mentally in shape, because you will be positive with your life. And Physically in shape, because you will accept your body. And once you accept how you look, you don’t need a gym anymore. Why do you need a gym if you love your body?

I don’t go to the gym, not because i can’t, but because i accept my body. I don’t need to change it!


Before to get to the gym, and get “in shape”, we need to get in shape with our mind first. Only then, we might think to change our body. However, once you love your body, you will not want to change it!

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