Blogging: A Company Is Looking For you!

You start with your blog. You will have a nice time writing and connecting with other people. Day after day you grow and you are absolutely happy about that. At one point, unexpected, a company will send you an E-Mail, asking for a collaboration. You can believe it! A brand wants to work with you! It’s amazing. Is it so amazing? Just let’s get deep down into it!

Company: recognition of your hard work!

You have been working since months, or even years, on your blog. You spend every single possible second you could to make this hobby works. After all that blood, sweat and tears you put in it, you start to see the results. It’s a magnificent moment. We are not talking about a new follower or a new record. And we are not talking about a collaboration with another blogger. We are talking about a company who decided to give you money to promote something. That’s the big step! You are entering in the big league where the big whales swim. Your blog will be able to make money. The consequences can be huge!

Company: You will be free

You can start to think to be free. I mean, it’s only a company, maybe a small one. And maybe the money will be not so much. But, for the first time, there’s something new in front of you. Finally, your blog may pay your bill. Your main job can be not the only income source. I’m not saying now that you have to quit your job. It’s too early. However, if you play well, you can have more partnership. And more partnerships mean more money. If i received this E-Mail, i would be thrilled, but afraid at the same time.

Company: Concerns

I would be concern. From one side i will have money and new people to reach. In front of me there is the next step of my “blogger evolution”. On the other side i will have tons of doubts. “Will i be good enough?”, “Will i fail?”, “What my community might think about it?”, “What kind of company is it?”, “Is the product a good one?”. Those will be only few questions i will have in my head. Money are great, but i don’t want to screw everything, just because i am promoting the wrong product or the company is a bad one. I will be the one who will start to read everything possible about the company. And you will be like me!

From there, it’s all the way up to the sky.

After all the thoughts you have, you decide to work the company. You “close the deal” and you start this partnership. You will get money and new followers and the company will make money. It’s a win-win situation where you two have some advantages. In the meantime, weeks are passed. You and that company have been working well together and your relationship moves pretty well. It’s all fine. However, that’s something you don’t have realised yet: the connection. Every single company watches what the others companies do. More than that, they are always looking for the best influences to “use” for their marketing. If your first partnership works well, other companies will contact you. Because now you are on the map and you proved to be good.

From that moment onwards, your E-Mail will receive new job opportunities from always bigger companies. The better you work, the better will be the companies’ feedbacks. That positive trend will allow you to work with the white whales in the business like Disney, Google, Apple, Microsoft or all the fashion brands. As soon as you start to work with this companies, money won’t be a problem. You have maybe already quit your job and your blog is your full-time activity!

Once you get in the A+ league, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Literally, only sky’s the limit for your dreams! With all the money involved, you don’t have to choose anymore. You can do everything! It will be the best life EVER!

The dark side: be careful what you do!

Controversy are not welcome in business. That’s crucial to understand. Internet lives with them, but not companies. Companies hate where their names is related to some shady moments. Little example is Twitch or Youtube. All the superstar you can see on youtube works with huge companies. It’s all fine for them, until they don’t do something stupid. In 5% of the case, this controversy is not because of youtube’s behaviour. The other 95% of the controversy is because youtuber are not so smart. They think they can do whatever they want and nothing will change. Wrong! As soon as the youtuber is involved in controversy, companies will take distance from this person.

You are not different at all. As a content creator you have to behave always in the “family-friendly” area. If you move outside it, the risk to lose everything will be huge. We are talking about hundreds of thousand of dollars…if you get in the A+ league. Are you sure that you want to lose everything, because you use a gun live? Companies ask you only two things: work well and avoid any controversial behaviour. Is it so hard to do that?


Partnership is the pinnacle of content creating. Once you have one business enquiry from a company, it means that you did it. You are good, successful enough and your life can change forever. However, be careful who you work with and don’t do anything that can be controversial. If you follow these two rules, Sky’s the limit!

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