Humanity: Are Women Controlling it?

I’m not the kind of person who wants to be always politically correct. But let’s be honest: women control the world and humanity. Don’t get me wrong, this is a men’s world. But still, women are in control. Do you think i am crazy? Well, maybe. But since you are here reading, just keep reading.

How does the world work?

It’s a world where women are not politically or economically in control. Few chairwomen, Few female presidents and few women with enough influence to change the world. No, Instagram superstar are not people who can change things. From the very top to the very bottom of the society, women are not in control of anything. They have some leading position here and there, but nothing serious.

For example, being the first minister of Denmark or New Zealand is not so relevant for the world’s balance. It’s great, they are in charge on an entire country, but nothing crucial. Denmark is not China and New Zealand is not the United States. The biggest company, and all the countries that controls the world, have a male leader. We all know that. However, i can still tell you that women are in control of this world. Why? Well, because without women there would not be men in charge and humanity will be over.

How does humanity work?

Humanity is explained perfectly by the Agent Smith in Matrix.

I´d like to share a revelation that I´ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way can survive is to spread to another area.


This is how the humanity works. We get somewhere, we reproduce, use the resources and then move to another place, once the resources end. The question is now: how do we reproduce? Well, i am sure that you know the answer already. No explanations need, am i right?

Humanity: What if women stopped to do their part?

Think about it. One day, all of a sudden, all the women in this world decide not to help men to take care of humanity. They think that men are not worthy anymore and they stop to do what they are supposed to do. Can you imagine how incredible this situation will be? For sure it will be a disaster for specific businesses. And for lot of men it would be a freaking nightmare. More important, it would be the beginning of the end for humanity. Women take care of pregnancy. Women deal for nine months with another human being inside them. And women are the reason why we are all in this world. If women decided not to have babies, humanity will end up like the white rhinos.

Can Men do something about it?

Well, technically they can force women to have babies. If someone doesn’t want to do something, you have to force this person. Since men are in control, they can force women either legally or physically. However, both ways are despicable, illegal, immoral and absolutely disgusting. in addition to this, convincing 3.5 billion women all over the world to have a baby is not so simple. It won’t work under any circumstances whatsoever. Men can do only one wise thing: give women what they want! Because if women stops to have babies, is because they want to achieve something. And since men need women (more than they can imagine), they should listen and satisfy the requests.

Humanity: Women can survive, men not!

This is the fascinating part of the entire story. Nature says that to reproduce a man needs a woman and vice versa. Until 3 decades a go, i would tell you “The last sentence is correct!”. Right now, i will tell you: are you sure about that?” Why am i telling this? The reason is very simple.

All around the world there are men that donates what’s necessary to life for money. So, in some specif buildings, there are a huge quantity of frozen “substance of life” (you know what i am talking about!). Technically, what a woman really needs is her body, a doctor and that substance. Nine months later, they will have a baby. And all of this is made without a single man.

“But that substance has to be taken out from a man!” Yes, exactly. As i said, they have a baby. That baby will be a boy and he will donate his “substance of love” to the women, who will freeze it. As you can see, A female society can easily live without men. Well, with not so much men. Something that a male society can’t afford. A society completely made of men is not possible. Actually it’s unthinkable a community full of men. Think about it. When God created humanity, he created two men. There’s no way those two men can reproduce. They don’t have the body to do that. If God created two women, however, he can easily get those two women pregnant, and humanity will prosper. God already did that game with Jesus.


Women control humanity. Women can live without a man. They can have her own baby without a man. I am pretty sure they know it, but they don’t do nothing, because they love…you know…specific stuffs. More than that, women are too sweet. They would never do something like “i let humanity dies!”. They are too responsible and superior to think like that! But, hypothetically, if the did, it would be a freaking interesting moment in our history! We’ll see if something like that will happen! And i want be there to see that!!

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