Likes: i reached 1000! 6th Milestone!

And here we go again. It’s another milestone. This time is not a personal milestone, but something that WordPress told me: I reach the 1000 likes on my blog! That’s tremendous.

1000 likes: You like what you read.

It’s a pretty huge amount of likes. Can you count until one thousand? Of course you can. You are not like me! Sorry, it was the wrong question. Do you know how much time do you need to count until 1000? That’s sound better. It’s a lot of time, trust me. For a lazy person like me, it would almost a mission impossible. Given also the fact that i can count only until 10.

Besides that, you like what you read. Which means that my content are good enough or worthy your time. And that’s amazing. Because the last thing I want is to waste your time with some kind of low quality content. I’m so happy to have received all this appreciation. Especially in January, where you people have helped me to grow.

1000 likes: Is this the path?

When I started I wanted to talk about all the possible things I could. It was quite necessary. My brain needs to be challenged. Talking about one topic would have been a huge failure. So, I did the only thing i could do: write about everything I possibly could. And it’s working. My brain is doing well, I have always fun writing about something and you like what I have to say. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Probably is still a little bit too early, but I start to think that maybe the path I chose is the write one. We’ll see in the next weeks/months what’s gonna happen. In the meantime I enjoy this moment and everything I have. Because 1000 likes is a pretty huge number. Nothing incredible, for other bloggers out there, but for me is dope!

1000 likes: Keep my motivation high

I always say that, as bloggers, statistics are not great. Especially in the beginning, where your community is not there. However, it’s a boost for my ego. And only God knows how big my ego really is. Looking every day and week that people come to my blog and leave an appreciation is amazing. Right now my mind is thinking “we are doing good! Let’s keep going!” And this is exactly what I will do. I will continue to write, improve and give you the best possible content I can give you.

I love to see the count of like telling me “oh, look at that! You are not so bad after all!” It’s a great feeling. Especially because now I can say to have my very little small community around me that supports me. That fantastic.


Thank you everyone for helping me in my journey. I appreciate every single one of you. I thank all the people, who came here randomly, and those who comes here every single day. Thank you!

Let’s keep going!

See ya


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