Covid and Denmark: The Beginning Of The End?

Since February 1st in Denmark most all the measure against Covid-19 belong to the past. It is a very important news. No tests, no masks, no social distancing. It can really the breakthrough point in the fight against Covid. From now on, it will be pretty interesting to observe how the situation will develop in the country. Because now there are only two possible scenarios in front of Denmark and Europe.

Covid: Denmark is right!

We can Come back to life again!

This is the best case scenario. In the next months, Denmark proved that this move was the right one. People can actually come back to live a normal life, even if Covid is still in the air and people get sick. That would be a wonderful news for everyone. However, every country is different and we should understand why Denmark doesn’t care of the pandemic. That’s one of the two big concerns i have. Denmark is setting an example. Is it an example to follow? Will every country live the same benefit Denmark will live?

Will all the other countries able to follow the example?

Why is Denmark doing thing? Why now? That’s the key to understand the problem. Denmark could have done that before. I mean, you don’t need to much time to decide to delete all the measure to fight against the pandemic. Why does Denmark do that now? Because almost all the population is fully vaccinated and from now on all the population will get the third dose. Which means that Denmark is in a position where the measure might not be necessary. Something that in Germany or in Italy is not possible right now. That’s the difference. In Denmark people wants to come back to life, it’s true, but they are also in a position where they can do that!

If Europe had moved as a unit, but not as 26 different countries, we could think to apply that strategy everywhere. In the last two years, sadly, every single country moved in different directions. Despite what Europe says, we are still 26 country “masked” as one.

People will start demand the nonsense!

There’s another big problem: people are ignorant. We are all ignorant and we see only what social media and TV show. None of us gets deeper in a news. We never do. So, if Denmark will be successful, people will start to think that something like that is good for them too. And they start do demand the exact same thing. When, in truth, it won’t be possible. They don’t get what i jut said: Denmark is a different country that Italy, for example. Different healthcare, less population, different mentality and different lifestyle. More than that, different strategy to fight the pandemic.

I’m not saying that all the other countries must only watch things happen. If Denmark solution is right, every country has to follow the lead. But they have to do, thinking that they are completely different. And people must be patient. Every country will need more time, maybe a different procedure or a different approach. But following what another country did, without thinking, is just stupid.

If Denmark is right, it would be the beginning of the end, because Covid will not be a problem anymore.

Covid: Denmark is wrong!

Denmark starts with the “comeback to life” and they failed. People get infected too much, hospitals will not be able to cure all af them and thousand of people will die every day. It would be a disaster for the entire Europe. We hope every time that one day we will be able to come back to life. We dream of a life where we are free again. That’s understandable and i wish the same thing.

And now Denmark is doing something very bold. They don’t care of statistic or incidence, but they have the only goal to come back where they left their lives. People have so much hopes. But what if Denmark failed? What if Denmark will prove that the measure are absolutely necessary to survive?

It would be the beginning of the end for Europe. A country has tried to ignore Covid, but it will be way much stronger than we thought. EVERYONE will have to give up the idea of a normal life and get used to the fact that now this life will be the NORMALITY. Every single people out there, who’s against Covid, will have to change their minds and deal with it.

Denmark will prove that there’s no way out from all of this. Tests, masks, vaccinations will be there forever and we can’t do nothing about it. It’s sad, but it would be much sadder if we get sick and die, because rules are not there to protect us.


I don’t get too much expectations. I really hope that Denmark will show us that a country can live with Covid without any kind of huge drama. It would be finally the signal we need to get back to live again. Because, even if i am agreed with all the measure, in the last two years we have not lived, but only survived. I am really excited to see what kind of news we are gonna read. I really hope they will be only great news, although i am not so sure about that!

We’ll see. Only time will tell the end of something that can become a dream comes true or a living hell.

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