Multilingual blog: Wise or Stupid Choice?

The language was actually the very first thought i had in mind, when i decided to open my blog in 2021. I can easily speak three languages: Italian, English, and German. I had this crazy idea to open a multilingual blog, because i didn’t have no idea who i wanted to talk to. Then, after a couple of brainstorming sessions i decided to write only in English. In the end, it was the only choice. However, i have still two languages i don’t use. Should i use them? Should you write in different languages? Let’s see if it’s worthy.

The choice of the languages for a blog depends of three thing: audience, ability and time.

Multilingual blog: Who Do You What To Reach?

I am an Italian guy who live in Germany. My blog is in English. You thing i am crazy right now? Maybe. I mean, choosing English when you live in Germany is not a wise move. i get your point. My question was: who do i want to reach? But it was the wrong question. The right question was “how many people do i want to reach?” That was the right question. And the answer was pretty clear: “As many people as possible!”

The key was to reach all the world. It doesn’t matter i reach some people there, some people here. The key was to reach them let them follow me. If i had written this blog in German, i could have reached only Germans, Austrians and Swisses. We are talking about 100 million people. It’s a huge audience for sure. But what is with the other 6 900 000 000 people? I would have let them out, because they don’t talk German.

For you is exactly the same. You live somewhere. The problem you have is the following: who do you want to reach? Only the people in your country or also others abroad? This question is crucial, because it’s a little bit hard to change the language of your blog, once you have started. I mean, technically you can, but some posts will be written in the old language and other will be written with the new one. It will be a little bit confusing.

Multilingual blog: How good can you talk?

Before to talk in one specific language, it would be a wise move to know the language before you open the blog. In Internet mistakes are not so welcome and you have only one shot with the post you publish. If you write in a weird way, or you are not good at all, people might not understand you and those people will never come back to you. That would be bad. Before even to think “i would love to talk in Japanese”, ask yourself the following question: “am i good enough to write something in Japanese?” and “will people understand me?”

A wise move would be to talk with someone native tongue and see what happens. Even on social media is enough. You react to someone comment or content and see if he or she will understand you. If the answer is “Yes”, you can write, otherwise just don’t. Or you can attend a course to learn the language properly. It’s not something that everyone would do, but if you really want to have your blog in a specific language, maybe a language course is not a bad idea after all.

Multilingual blog: How much time do you have?

Writing in another language is a time consuming thing. If you don’t posses the necessary ability to talk straight away with the other language, you have to write all your thoughts and then translate them. It’s basically doing the job twice. Years ago i had another blog and i used to write in two languages: Italian and English. It was a freaking nightmare. Because lot of words or phrases we use in Italy don’t have any translation in English. Often i had to change maybe the entire paragraph. I closed it because it was too much effort. Since that moment i promised myself “Never Again!”

If you have opened this blog for fun, one language is enough: either your native tongue or English. If, in the future, your blog becomes a business, maybe you can thing to hire a translator, who will help you with the translation of your posts. Only in this way you can thing to write your blog in different languages. You can still focus on the quality, someone else will take care of the way this quality is spread.


Writing in more languages is a very fascinating thoughts. I have this thought myself. In this way, the barriers between the content creator and the entire world fall down and the communication will be absolutely flawless. But it’s also a freaking time consuming activity and mistakes are just around the corner. Start slow and see what happens. If you really want to become multilingual, and you have the opportunity to do that, be sure to choose the best way: hire someone! Don’t think to do this alone.

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9 thoughts on “Multilingual blog: Wise or Stupid Choice?

  1. My blog is in Italian and English, and do you know how I do it for most of my posts? I write them in English and then translate them into Italian: I find it easier

    1. I read you content. The problem is that my post, with your “way to work”, would be just too long. In addition to that, i would like to have a different version of my blog for every language. In this moment it would be just too much.

      1. I’m Italian and I have a lot of friends all over the world.
        There is also a translator on my blog, but I think that if I publish my posts in English too, I can make them easier to read

        1. You are correct. 

          I once came upon a piece  written in French that I  couldn’t read because I  don’t know the language. 

          The translator button was  mentioned by the blogger,  but I couldn’t find it and  didn’t want to worry her  about it.
          So far, I’m stumped.

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