Shorties (New Format Coming)

It’s too Stupid to Follow The #FridayMood!

My “being stupid” hits me. It didn’t happened so often. Actually it never happened. I don’t know, I felt good and confident. I really felt like i want to share with you all my ugliness! Internet is used to see too good stuff with all that perfection on Instagram. Let’s shake things up for once. I took this picture straight away, without thinking about it. I was sure to have taken great selfies! Selfies are not something new for me, and i took some before.

But, for whatever reason, i looked always stupid. I wanted to see if my situation has improved in the meantime. In my mind, I thought that those picture might be the answer. I was surprised to see how stupid i looked. I’m not sure if i am too ugly, the camera hates me or i have no idea how to take a selfie! I don’t know. I am pretty sure that the Friday Mood is not something i should follow anymore…

New Ideas For my Blog!

Anyway, This experiment have given me an interesting idea! WordPress is giving me the opportunity to share Stories with you. So, i will from now on use this opportunity to use this tool. The goal is to share with you thought, that are too short for a post, but that i still want to share with you.

They will be way much shorter post than usual. I would talk about news, sport or funny thing i have seen in Internet or i have in mind! There’s no limits actually! Everything can be good enough!

I don’t know, maybe it will be something interesting. It’s just a test i will do in the next week. We’ll see how it goes! Are you ready to see thing you will never see somewhere else? I just can’t wait!

See ya


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