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This is the very first “Stupid Shorties” episode. As i said in the “pilot”, this thing (i don’t exactly how to call it) will come out randomly, every time i will have something to say that it is not “worthy” to be a proper post. I would love to share with you 3 places i would love to visit before to die. The sooner i get in those places, the better will be. Let’s get started! Because i love travel, but not in a classic way. If i have to go somewhere, there must be a very good reason.

Travel: Area 51 – Nevada, United States of America.

Yes, this one here is probably to obvious. All the legends, the rumours, movies and TV Shows are part of my childhood. My dad loves Sci-fi and i grow up watching Star-Trek. So, aliens part of my family. But i don’t want to go there and see if there’s some kind of aliens or to witness anything “outside this world”, but i just want to take a big selfie behind the signal of the Area 51…and the probably get arrested, because taking a picture of a military zone is pretty illegal! As i said, i call it “stupid shorties” for a reason.

Travel: A nice weekend to the ISS.

This is actually a dream. I know that i have more chances to win the lottery that being on the ISS. But dreaming big is not a crime yet. So, let me think that one day i will get my booty into a shuttle, i will fly to the space and i will spend the most amazing week-end of my life. I mean, you can name any hotel or any location you want. Nothing is as beautiful as looking the sunrise and sunset on the entire planet. Multiple times a day, more than that! There’s no possible compare. I’m actually jealous of those scientist that have the privilege to have such a view from up there! I know they are working, but working with that view changes everything. I don’t care how much do i need to do to get there, but if i will have the opportunity to be there, i will do anything to be there.

Travel: The Magnetic pole.

People go to the North Pole to see White bear, the iceberg and witness the northern Lights. It’s all fine and amazing. But this is something that lot of people would do. I want to get one step further. I want to walk or ride until the magnetic pole and then see the compass going completely getting crazy because it would have no idea where the North is. Because literally the North will be right under my feet. Yes, i am a guy who have fun with few little things. And i am also pretty stupid. I would spend a lot of money and freeze my entire body just to see a stupid little compass getting crazy. What can i say? Everyone lives in the best possible way. This is mine.


There are of course tons of other places i would love to visit. The problem is that i don’t have the right images. And i am that kind of guy that without images doesn’t even start to write something.

This is my first “three destination”. Which are yours?

See ya


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      1. Great Question!
        I would love to experience the culture , the food and the people. Ghana has a vast land and heritage and It’ll be a great place to visit and even live. I actually look forward to visiting Ghana more than than Scotland and Spain.

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