Taylor Swift: The toughest among the toughest!

In this world, there are only very celebrities i appreciate a lot. For example, i like Jessica Jung and Selena Gomez. I appreciate Mrs. Jung for her ability to create an “empire” around herself and Mrs. Gomez for the way she talked about mental health. There’s a another woman i would love to meet, if i had the opportunity: Taylor Swift. Let’s celebrate a great talent and a tremendous woman!

Her career.

She debuted in 2006. Since then she recorded 6 album, she had 5 different tours and she became the most successful singer of all time. If you want to read her life and career, Wikipedia is more competent than me. Right now i don’t care about her career. Yes, she’s great, but this is not a celebration of her career, but of the woman she is.

My Taylor Swift’s ideas before 2015.

To talk about Taylor Swift i have to split her career in two. Because, between 2008 and 2015, i thought that Taylor Swift was only another pretty girl, created only to give the world both the next superstar and to convince all the teenagers around the world to spend all the money the had in merchandising, concerts, albums and singles. I also thought she was only a diva who loved to be constantly under the spotlight.

She looked always so cute, pretty, nice and she had always that huge smile of her face. It was like someone told her to act in this way. She was almost unbearable. Looking how she act right now, i have my doubt that how she looked was completely real. We are talking two different human beings. Back then, i didn’t like the way she “sells herself” as an artist . And this dislike i had was automatically transmitted to her songs. I hated all her songs, thinking they were shallow and absolutely useless.

Yes, i was a idiot! But then, something happend in 2015. From that year onwards, Taylor Swift has never been the same.

My Taylor Swift’s Ideas After 2015.

Why 2015? Oh, well because all of a sudden, she became a woman in my eyes. Not a woman like “Oh my God, she becomes so hot!”, but a woman like “Oh my God, that woman has big cojones!” Let’s start from the most useless detail. Her video “Bad Blood”.

The First Fight With another woman.

Don’t care about the music video, because it’s about lot of model and singers acting too tough. It’s a great music video and a great song. What’s important is what’s behind the scene. For the first time she gave me a reason to listen to her. I mean, the feud with Katy Perry was horrible. It was like seeing two ibexes butting each other to death. For what i remember, it was the very first time she was publicly against another person. The 2006 Taylor Swift version would have not done that. But not the new Taylor. New Taylor doesn’t wait and has no fear to tell you “i don’t like you! If you want to fight, let’s fight! But i will be the last woman standing!”. God, if i find sexy those kind of women!

Taylor Swift against Apple!

Once the egg is broken, you can do nothing but move on. In 2015 in my mind she turn from a “cute and nice girl” to my personal hero. This time, it’s not a feud with an artist. She decide to use her HUGE community and her name to protect her and other little artist interest, becoming the CM Punk of Music: “the Voice of the Voiceless!” She did what only her, and few others, were able to do: she wrote a letter to Apple, saying what she said. It was respectfully, but she threw a big bomb there. And Apple could not anything else than reading that letter and saying “you are right, Mrs. Swift! We change that!” Only her and her popularity could do something so huge for so many little artists. She was for real the “voice of the voiceless!”

In that specific moment, everything i thought about her was washed away. In my mind, From that moment on, she became my hero. She’s a f***ing awesome human being and tremendous artist. Yes, because she got better even with her music. Just heard all the Album from “1989” onwarsd, then let me know!

Taylor Swift against Taylor Swift

She against the Music Business

And she did it something even more insane in 2019. When she started in 2006, she was 17. And she did a mistake: she didn’t protect her interest. The young Taylor didn’t make sure to own her music. I don’t know what happened there, and i don’t want to. The fact is that Taylor Swift doesn’t own her first six albums. It’s a huge amount of work and money. Was she naive? Well, at the age 17, nobody would thing about “ownership” in that moment. She was in front of the biggest opportunity of her life. She had to take it. The story is absolutely a chaos, i leave her the story and here Taylor Switf’s reaction. The matter of fact is that Mrs. Swift had nothing in her hands.

Working like crazy!

If i were her i would have started the biggest trial of all time. But Taylor is way much smarter than me and than lot of other people. What did she do? She didn’t cry like a little girl. Nope! She did the only thing she could do: she signed for another label and re-recorded all the album she didn’t own. I mean, how could you not love her! She already recorded two old albums’s new versions: “Red (Taylor’s version)” and “Fearless” (Taylor’s version)” More than that, she released four more brand new albums “Reputation”, “Lover, “Folklore” and “Evermore”. Just to be clear: in two years she recorded 6 albums. Can you just imagine, how much work she put in the last two years? Taylor is my Goddess right now. If she founded a religion, i would be the first adept.


Taylor Swift is a wonderful woman. And i am not talking how she looks (because how she looks is off the charts). No! She’s genuine a woman who cares for the other and she’s not afraid to speak out when something around her is not fine. More than that, she’s not afraid to start from the very beginning. I tell you right now: if Taylor will be next candidate as a president of the world, i would vote her!

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