What If You Woke Up Rich?

It’s been a while since the last time i wrote a “what if…” post. I really recommend you to read all this posts, because they are very interesting. Today i want to add another one on the list. The question is: what if, one day, you woke up rich? And when i mean “rich” i mean very rich…like Richie Rich kind of richness. It’s not exactly how you might think.

In the following post i will talk about what i would do if i woke up super rich. I can’t talk for every single human being in this world. Every single person is different and we will have different reactions. However, walk with me through my persnal mental journey. It’s gonna be fun, i can promise that! Let’s start.

Being Rich: I Would freak out.

The first reaction that i would have it would be panic. But not a panic like “Oh my God, I’m screwed!”, but a panic like “Oh My God, are you kidding me!?” I would not believe it. I would say “there must be some kind of mistake. Seriously? I checked my bank account last night and i was poor! I have no job and i have not played the lottery! Something is going on for sure!” Probably i would call the bank to ask if there was some kind of irregularity in my bank account. I would not want to live the situation where i spend money i should not have and then i have to give them back.

Once the bank tells me that there’s nothing irregular in my account, i would right away look if there’s some “weird” transfer. Maybe someone digit the wrong IBAN. It may happen. I would check twice, three times. But nothing. Everything is clean and perfectly legal. Then, only then, i would realise that I AM RICH. Then i would pass out.

Being Rich: I would Set Priorities.

After the recovery, and a couple of days where i try to absorb and process the news, I would start to set priorities. I have to. I don’t to get deep into the richness without any kind of strategy. Too many people have become rich all of a sudden and have lost all their money! I don’t want to be a +1 in the category “stupid people who have wasted all their fortune!” I am stupid, but i don’t want to be remembered as a “former millionaire!”.

For the job iwill need big cup of lemon tee, some good chill music, a piece of paper, a pen and time. The goal is to write all the things i want to buy, do and see in my life. Actually, my list is not so that big, but a lot of the things are freaking expensive. I need to set a list because i am a spendthrift. Without any kind of control and plan, i would waste all the money buying the most useless and unnecessary things i could possibly buy.

Once the list is over, and i would need a lot of time just for that, it’s time for me to set priorities: what is “more urgent” and what’s not? It’s an almost “mission impossible” task for me. The problem is the following. As soon as i know that i can do all the things i want, i will become impatient. The monkey in my head would wake up from the lethargy and would start to scream to me “do all the things all in once”. And i will follow what the monkey says. It would be hard for me to say what’s more important, because everything would be a priority. Damn, i am a mess.

Being Rich: i have to Keep the Secret.

I would keep my richness secret as long as i possibly can. No one has to know that i am rich. Only my family. People tend to speak too much. I don’t want to run the risk to have around me people who want from me only my money. Too many people are never good. Especially if they don’t care about you. I would keep a low profile and enjoy my richness for myself.

Being Rich: Avoid the expensive things.

In my twenties i would have said “Oh, if i am rich, i would buy every single possible expensive object!” Now i find very hard time to buy a Rolex, a Ferrari, or a huge mansion. Where’s the point? Rolex is a wristwatch, Ferrari is a car and a mansion is a house. You think that it’s not about the object, but it’s about the status. I get that, but my concern is: why wasting money in something so useless? With the same price of a Rolex, a Ferrari 458 Italia and a one-million-dollar mansion you can buy 10 “Prada” or “D&G” wristwatches, 5 good cars (like Mercedes) and 3 good small chalets. I am rich, but i want to use my money wisely. If i have so much money available, i want to invest them in the best possible way.

Charity and helping the worthy causes.

Talking about investment. When you have hundreds of millions of dollar in your bank accounts, investment are something we can afford. If i had half a billion dollar and i “lost” 50 millions, it would not be a big deal. i would still have 450 million dollar. For me is a “acceptable loss”, but for no-profit associations or start-ups are maybe something huge or a life-changing amount of money. With so much money being stingy is bad. I’m not saying now that i would donate everything i have, but with half a billion dollar, you can donate even one hundred million. With 400 million dollar i can still have a very high lifestyle.


Becoming rich all of a sudden would be terrifying for me. I don’t want to lie. After the panic is gone, it would be hard to keep my mind straight and not to lose control. In the first moments i would maybe need a help of my family. Then once i get used to my new life, i would walk alone. But in the first moments, someone who tells me when i go too far is necessary for me.

What about you? If you were rich all of a sudden what would you do? Let me know in a comment below!

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