Comedy and Women and : Best Combo EVER!

I am a big fans of stand-up comedy. The only huge problem i have is that for me is very hard to find good stand up comedian to watch. Of course there are Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, Gabriel Iglesias or Chris Rock who are great on the stage. But apart from them, there’s no comedian i would love to watch either live or streaming. They are all amazingly talented, because you have to be talented if you want to make people laugh. But apart from the gentlemen previously named, i would not spend my money on other performers. Only recently i found an alternative.

Women and Comedy: an alternative.

I was a little bit lost. I had very hard time to laugh with men. Because i have heard male jokes lot of time, from different comedians. Unfortunately they have lost the “surprise effect”. At one point, randomly, Liza Shlesinger’s performance appeared on my YouTube homepage. I clicked, because i was curious. This was the video. BEST CHOICE EVER. For once YouTube recommended me something great to watch! That video was freaking hilarious. I loved it. Do you know the channel “Netflix Is A Joke“? Well, it’s the “comedy side” of Netflix on YouTube. There you can find a lot of Stand-Up Comedy performances from Netflix Shows. All of a sudden, a Universe opened up in front of my eyes. I mean, i knew that women were great comedians, but it didn’t know they can be so hilarious.

Women and Comedy: men look always like fools”

And this is something i love the most of women and comedy. They are absolutely brutally funny about men. It’s for me mind-blowing the fact that everything they say is real…and it scares me the fact that some of the jokes describe me perfectly. I don’t know if i have to be sad or happy about it. However, the way they describe situation involved men is hilarious. Between Christina P, Nikky Glaser, Taylor Tomlinson, Jane Kirkman or Ali Wong the opportunity to see what women really think about what men do are countless…and absolutely funny.

And they way they tell the joke is a beauty. Because they use a lot of dirty words in a very natural way. It’s still a little bit weird for me, because in my life i always met women who have never be so scurrilous. Hearing woman talking that trash is amazing, funny, but still weird. Especially when sex is the topic. Oh, talking about sex…

Women and Comedy: Sex

They talk about it. Yes, it’s normal in stand up comedy and every time is an hilarious moment. The most amazing thing is that they talk about it in a way we should talk about it on a daily base. Women, with a microphone on the stage, talk about sex like i talk about soccer with other men. It’s absolutely so natural and casual. I love the vibe around the performance when they make jokes about sexual experiences. I really do. In addition to that, i love the fact women is in the position to talk about sexuality, without being judged, but just appreciated.

When talking about sex comes in play, women are freaking irresistible! The way the joke about it is just contagious. I break with laughter every time they describe how men miserably fail and even more when they share with us what they think when they have to catch their prey. It’s for me a moment when i take a pen, some paper and start to write down everything they say. Because the way they think is for me absolutely new. I’m not a woman, so in my life i always tried to guess. But with those ladies on the stage, i can have a little bit more of clarity!


I am so happy to see those women on the stage and be free to talk about everything, without any kind of fear or worries. And i love even more that the audience, both men and women, love a lot what they are watching. The 21st Century can be a very hard Century, but there are also good things. One of those good things is women who finally can express themselves…and can make me laugh like an idiot!

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