Experience: 5 Things I Would Love to Do! (Shorties)

If i had money and if i were a celebrity, i would love to experience lot of thing i always wanted to. I would visit some place but, even funnier, i would love to see things that otherwise i would never be able to see. Because you can doubt a lot of thing, but one this is fur sure: with money and fame you can reach everything. But which are these 5 Thing i would love to witness? Well, let’s keep reading!

Experience: Being Behind the Scene on an Adult scene!

What can i say? My brain doesn’t work actually as straight as it should be. I was always fascinated by that industry. Maybe is all about all the misconceptions. Maybe is because i love nude bodies. Or maybe is because i just love that kind of content. I have no idea. The matter of fact is that i would love to see with my own eyes how a scene in the adult industry is created. I have this idea since i watch an Interview of Danny D for “LADBible TV”. If you don#t know who Danny D is, he’s a actor, director and producer in the adult industry. In this interview he talk about how the industry and a the behind the scene really look like. Why do i wan to do that? Well, one thing is listen, another is watching.

If i had a huge community, i would “use” it to ask if there would be a chance to be on set. Just to see what really happen behind the scene. From the very moment the first man enter on set, until the last man leaves it, i want to be there! I am sure that it would be a very great experience. Also weird and probably a little bit embarrassing, but it is absolutely something to do.

Experience: A Week-end in Formula One!

No, not as fan in the box during qualifying and race. Nope! That would be too easy. I want to be there from the Monday morning in the factory to Sunday afternoon after the race. My butt must sit there during every briefing, both in the factory and at race track. I want to witness how mechanics and engineers works in the box on every session. Also i want to be there during this longs debrief between engineers and drivers after every session. I want to see how the engineers work and all the huge amount of works there are behind the scene we don’t see. It would be the best week EVER. I’m sorry, i get excited when i see the magnificent of working brains working together! I freaking love smart people!

Experience: Being in the control room when the shuttle takes off.

This is crazy. Maybe the only impossible thing in this list. We are talking about the NASA. It’s not like Tesla or Virgin. We are talking about the freaking NASA. Lewis Hamiltom, for example, was able to go to the NASA. But he was there as a tourist and saw what NASA want him to see. I want more. My dream is to sit in the control room and witness what happens in the hours before the Shuttle’s take off. I want to see what those incredible talented people have to do make sure to send people in the space safely.

Experience: Winter on the Beach.

I live in Germany. Where i live we are used to have Christmas under the snow and June under the sunny weather. For once in my life, i would love the say “It December 15th and i am sun bathing on the beach!” For Australian is absolutely normal. Not for me! It would be absolutely weird to think “we are two weeks away from Christmas and i am playing beach volley with how women in bikini! I would not visit cities or do something incredible. I would just witness how it’s like to have 40 Celsius degrees in Winter.

K-pop rumours: right or wrong?

This one is a very controversial choice. I love K-pop. I am not a super huge fans of a specific band or singer, but i like to listen some K-pop music. However, there are some bad rumours around that industry. In recent years former K-pop performers, even some big names like Amber from f(x), spoke out about what would apparently happen behind the scenes. I would love to see INDEPENDENTLY if those rumours are right or wrong. I would love to have free access to the agencies and TALK ALONE with all the performers itself. This one is even harder that stepping into the NASA’s control room.


These are my five thing i would do if i had money and fame. Now it’s up to you: if you were famous and rich, which would be the five thing you would do? Let me know in a comment below!

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