Push-Up Bra: Big Breast and Disappointment!

This post will be something personal. As a man, i don’t understand the Push-Up Bra. I can understand High-Heels and Make-Up. I am quite ok with Lingerie, although i don’t understand the reason behind it. But one thing i will never understand: the Push-Up Bra. Why women has to wear this kind of clothes. It’s not fair!

Push-Up Bra: Boobs are most spread than bible.

I am a man. So, as part of the stupid part of humanity (because we men are pretty stupid), my life goes in this way: i wake up, i thing about boobs all day long and i go to bed. Every single man in this universe thinks about it. Maybe less, maybe more, but all men thing about the second best part of a woman. I could try not to think about it. I could…but i will fail. The problem is that the world show them.

No matter what i do or where i am, boobs are there with me. And i see them every single day between Social Median, Internet, TV, Billboards. Even women themselves show proudly their breast, especially in summer (and i thank all of you for that!). And i don’t mind. Trust me, women can show their boobs as much as they want! And i will be the happiest man in the world. As a man, boobs are never enough. And the best part is that the offer is getting bigger.

Push-Up Bra: Boobs are getting bigger.

In this world women go under surgery to make sure to have a prosperous breast. As a man, i can’t complain. In the last couple of decades a lot of women have decided to make sure to have a visible breast, both for their and, as a collateral effect, for the male happiness. For me, as a man, the bigger the breast, the better. More than that, the more often i see big breasts, the happier i will be. It’s like the same between women and muscular men: the more, the better.

On the other side, there are women who make their breast bigger not with the help of a doctor. They do that using a specific fashion item: the Push-Up Bra. As the word says for itself, this Bra pushes up the breast. In this way boobs are a little bit more still and they don’t bounce too much. However, there’s also another advantage: given the fact that the breast is pushed, it is also squeezed and looks bigger. For the women is great, because they can show something big, without having something big. In addition to this, they have a good result, without being under surgery. But what about men? Why does nobody think about us?

Push-Ups Bra: are a huge scam!

Push-Up Bra’s a freaking lie! Listen, we men are very simple creature. We see boobs and we are happy. The bigger the are, the happier we get. This is why women also use Push-Up Bra: both to boost their self-esteem and to be looked by the guy they really like. It’s a strategy some women has to “conquer” the man they want to conquer. And i get that! But nobody thinks when the clothes get off.

That’s the situation. A woman tries everything she can to “seduce” the man. The man falls into the trap (the boobs are too big to be ignored) and the two go to a date. The date goes well and, in the end, the two start what you do when you have certain feelings. The air is gets, hotter, the clothes get off and the bedroom is ready to see some wild action. At one point, the woman will take off the last clothes she still gets on and then the tragedy happens. The men realises that what he saw was a huge lie. The breast is not as big as it suppose to. All of a sudden, the man has in his hands one size smaller boobs.

It’s unfair. Listen, girls: when i, as a man, imagine something, i want this imagination becomes reality. If i see big boobs and i think about big boobs, then i want to see this boobs, in case i have a naked woman in front of me. It’s horrible to see “big boobs”, to think about this “big Boobs” and then not to have thins “big Boobs” in my hands. It’s like chips: the package is big, but only 50% are chips, the rest i air.

Push-Ups Bra are useless!

Men don’t like Push-Ups. Women should understand one thing. For us it doesn’t really matter the size of the breast. What really matter is that women get naked when necessary. Big or small boobs doesn’t make any difference. They looks amazing anyway. More than that, the truth is better than a lie. If you have a “small breast”, just let it be. Live your life, love those small and adorable boobs and respect yourself. One day you will find someone who will love you for who you are and will love your breast.

Don’t fake something you don’t have. It’s a waste of money of you and a disappointment for the men. None of the parts will be happy!

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