Sport: Supporters and their “Stupidity”!

People all over the world say about sport two things: too much money and no loyalty. Those people are right! Looking the amount of money and the different movement of players, people can easily say that in sport there are too much money and too less heart. I quite get that! Seeing your best player going away is never easy. The question i would love to talk with you is the following: is it right to be mad or upset for all those money and with the players?

What is Sport?

If we really need to start in the best way, we need to understand what sport is. Sport “is a purposeless activity, for its own sake, that is opposite of work”. So, according to the definition, if you do some sport, you are not working. Well, technically it’s true. When you play soccer or basketball with your friends you are not working. But this is the case when you don’t do this full time.

Sport as a Job!

Now things get a little bit difficult to understand for some of us. Something happened with sport. In the very beginning it was just something did for fun. Teams, for example, were created just for the pure goal to have some healthy competition with the others. However, things changed drastically and rapidly. For whatever reason, those teams have started to work harder and longer to be more competitive and to be able to win more often.

Now we have to get the focus on the word “longer“. If you train all day long, you don’t have time to work somewhere else. So, team have started look for people who paid them to train (or work) longer and be successful.

In addition to that, association like NFL, NBA, NHL, UEFA and FIFA were founded and they put money on the line if you win the championships. And often were lot of money. So, teams needed to work all day long, to get the hands to those money. All of a sudden, without even noticing that, sport changed from a “purposeless activity” to a full time job.

If you want to be the best, you have to work very long and very hard. Sport must be your own lifestyle and perfection your only goal. Only in this way you can have success. The same happens to work. If you work hard on yourself you can reach the top. Otherwise you will always be at the very bottom.

Professional player are born.

Since that moment, professional player were born! People who specialized themselves in a specific sport and sell that performances and qualities to a team. The team, for its part, will pay a certain amount of money to that player. So, Sport has become a job: performances in exchange of money.

This is crucial to understand this: athletes are not superheroes, but only workers. You work maybe in a company as a sell manager, they work in the field as football player. Your goal is to seel as much as you can, theirs is to win as many matches and trophies as possible. There’s no difference.

there’s no Loyalty anymore

Let me ask you something: are you loyal to your company? If you find another place where you make much more money, what would you do? I am sure you would leave your job to get to the new one. This is what players do. They have a fixed-term contract. Once the contract is expired, they can decide either to stay or to leave. Nothing forces them to stay. No, the love of the fans is not enough. People’s love doesn’t pay…and any worker in the world works for free.

Players don’t have to be loyal, they have to win. As far as i am concern, a player can stay in the team i love for two years. If he wins everything in this two years, it’s all fine for me! Player must be loyal to their values, principles and actions. Not to me, not to the fans and not to their employer. The only thing a player has to do is deliver the best possible performance all the time. More should not be requested!

In Sport there are too much money!

Is it your problem? I don’t think so. If player like LeBron James, Mbappe, Tom Brady earn millions of dollar every year is not your problem. You are upset for something that doesn’t concern you. All the sport association (Like NBA or UEFA) are private associations. They are not controlled by the State. These associations decided the game’s rules and how the BUSINESS must be managed. They don’t take you money out of your wallet, unless you don’t want to. The taxes you pay are not given to the teams. The teams earn money with merchandising, achievement, selling tickets and sponsorships. The player earn money from the teams, from all their sponsorship contracts they have and from investments, if player invest money. That’s it.

You can say whatever you want about all the money. There’s only one problem: player and teams are private people. If for both parties “50 millions dollar a year for five years” is a reasonable amount of money, it’s ok! You can be indignant when you hear those numbers. What can i say? Join the NBA and try to be the best player!


It is right that player move from team to team. They are worker and sell their abilities to the best bidder. It’s also right that team and players deal the contracts freely. If you don’t like that, just stop following your team and stop going to watch the matches.

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