Single: Pro and Cons.

I am single. I have had in my life here and there some women i have my fun with, but i have never been in the position to say the MOST FAMOUS THREE WORDS in the entire human history. I’m happy actually with the fact to be single. I’m not saying that to tell myself that i have to be happy. I am genuinely happy with not being in a relationship. Do you want to know why i am happy? Well, continue to read!

Single: Pros!

Being Single: I’ve got time!

Yes. As soon as you are in a relationship you don’t have so much time for yourself. Especially if you are together with someone who needs to see you almost every day. So, between Jobs and love, the time you can dedicate to yourself is not so much. I know that people in love have no problem to give up some of their time for another human being. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the moments where you are “free and alone” are not so many anymore.

As a single soul, you have a lot of time for yourself. You can work and then, when you are home, you can decide what to do. There’s no men or women who will ask you to go out for dinner or spend the evening together. I Know that often the evening together means sex, but to be honest: sex every single freaking day is boring: It’s even more boring if it is with the same person. That’s my opinion.

Being Single: Single: I’ve got money!

My wallet is empty. I have no money, because i spend them for buying thing that make ME happy. It can be absolutely everything. I have the entire control of my wallet. This is something you don’t have in a relationship. Why? Because sometimes women “demand” gifts or they need to have dinner in some stupid fancy restaurants, where you pay too much and you eat so less.

We are talking about the man’s your wallet, but she decides what he has to buy. Think about clothes. As long as you are single, you buy what you want. End of the story. As soon as a man has a woman around, she decides sometimes what he has to wear. And the men will say “yes, i love this clothes” even if it’s awful. Men do that because they are not allowed to be honest. Some women want honesty, but they are not able to handle it. Men don’t want to see the woman angry or sad. More than that, they want to get naked in the bedroom.

I am happy to spend a lot of money for my gaming computer. The best part is that there’s no woman who tells me “oh, do you waste you money for that little computer and you have no money for me?” Ah, this is a wonderful feeling.

Being Single: The Best SEX EVER!

Sex workers!

As i said, i have money and i spend them how i want. And spending them for sex is an option. With 200 dollars i can sure find the right woman i want to have sex with. I can choose which woman, which fantasies and i don’t have to think of her after sex. Once the thing is over, she leaves my house with my money and i am happy. It is sad? Well, i think it sadder to have a woman who based the relationship on how much much money the man gives her. More than that, women’s request sometimes might be expensive. I can easily keep having sex with prostitutes and i still spare lot of money.

If i am in a relationship, i can’t have sex with prostitutes anymore. I have to be satisfied by only one naked woman…even if that woman has the vitality and the mobility of a tree.

Dating apps.

As a single person, i can easily use all the dating i want and i don’t have to hide them. If i want to meet a woman, i just leave likes on her profiles and use all the tactics i know to convince her to go out with me. There’s no lies i have to tell to my girlfriend, no weird moves to hide my “second life”. It’s all there and i don’t have to have fear of any woman’s reaction.

I can have NO PLANS for the day!

Being Lazy

I wake up ALONE and i have breakfast ALONE. No women who tell me what they want to do. I can just enjoy the silence of the morning, the singing birds and the sound of nature all by myself. Then i wash myself, i maybe take a shower and then I AM FREE. I can stay all day on the couch on in in garden. I can play videogames, watch movies and TV SHOWS. Or i can stay out all day. No women who decide what WE HAVE TO DO. I AM FREE. When i am outside and i see those couple i laugh almost all the time. It’s hilarious to see the women are happy to be out and the men with those tired and sick faces like “i wanted to stay home!”

Eating and Drinking what i want!

With no plans for the day means also no idea what to eat. I can choose to eat whatever i want without having a woman how will tell me “oh, do you really want to eat this? It’s so unhealthy!” No sir! I can open the fridge, choose the things i want to eat and fell happy with myself. I can choose between eat something healthy or starting a “me vs my stomach” contest! It’s my choice!


Nope. I don’t think i will ever be able to give up on all of this for a woman. I mean, i could, but this woman must be good…i mean, very good. Because there’s no woman on this planet who will allow me to di the things i am doing as a single person…especially the sex part. Better be single and hurt anybody’s feeling than being in a relationship and constantly fight for everything!

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